Saturday, 1 September 2007

First time for everything

Here I am on a Saturday night, no hubby as he is at work and no kids - they are helping me stay sane by staying at their grandads tonight. So..... sat here thinking what to do after I had been looking at loads of blogs and I thought 'I CAN DO THAT' so here I am sat in the dark typing away. You will have to be oh sooooooo patient for anything to be added as computer stuff isn't my forte.

I gave up card making a few months ago as I lost my mojo big style!!! I was about to sell all my stuff when Paul (my hubby) sat me down and told me I was a fool. Leave it a few months he said and then give it another try. So I did! And what do you know my mojo came running back with its tail between its legs, and I have started making cards again - a bit slowly at the moment but I am really enjoying it.