Saturday, 23 February 2008


I always seem to post stuff late at night - its 10:30pm here. My heating has just gone off and I can feel the cold already - bbbrrrrr!

Any Hoo!!! In my Crafts Beautiful Prize Stash were templates for exploding boxes etc and also a Pyramid card template. Well been playing tonight - having a little practice and thought they would make great little party favours for my kids birthday parties.

I would only have to make about 20. That would be 12 for the little one who will be 5 on the 15th March and 8 for the big one who will be into double figures (10) on the 9th March.

I wouldnt get a lot into them, but I can make the little pressies a lit bit more special.

I used Bazzill Card and covered it with Kelly Panacci paper, cut some flowers from her Jumbo Flowers paper and used eyelets to attach them to the card. I also added eyelets to the 4 corners so i could thread ribbon through (need to practice a bit more with that).


This afternoon I was having a clearout of a few boxes under the stairs and came across my Fimo Clay. Now this stuff hasnt seen daylight for nearly 2 years and i didnt think it would still be ok to use. But the kids wanted to have a play so I let them.

Caitlyn, my eldest made the buttons, the beads, pendant and the heart.

She did really well blending the colours. I showed her the basics (and i mean the basics) and off she went. She rolled the clay into a long sausage shape then cuts chunks off to make the buttons. Then she got a Kebab stick and made a few beads to go with the pendant.

I did help her with the heart as she couldnt get the shape right - but we got there in the end. She used a straw to put a hole through it so she could wear it as a necklace.

Now these are my youngest ones efforts!! She enjoyed playing with the fimo and kept calling it Play Doh. We used a cookie cutter for the teddy and I helped her make the eyes, she rolled the bit for its tummy and used the end of one of the tools to make the little 'holes' on it.

And she wanted to put the biggest smile on the face.

They both had loads of fun. I now wish I had found this at the beginning of the hoildays as it kept them busy for a while.

I am sorry for the photos, they are very dull and dont show the true colour of the buttons etc But the white paper I photographed them on came out yuk in the photos. Will try tomorrow in daylight to see if thats better.