Friday, 16 March 2012


What a long week it's been!  Its been so busy at work that I'm really looking forward to being off till the 26th March and I am determined to get some crafting done.

Around 2 o'clock yesterday I was sat bored waiting for the kids to get home from school that I got some socks out and even persuaded Anthony to have a go at making one of the frogs.  He has been signed off work for another 2 weeks and he is ready to hit his head of the walls he is so fed up.

So we got started making the little frogs.  But with me having to go to work I never got mine finished but Anthony plodded away and made Philip.

And he even made little shorts for the fella.  I think he did an amazing job!

I finished mine last night when I got in from work but for some reason I can't upload any more photos as it keeps freezing my screen.  So will give it a try later.

Hope everyone has a great day and will catch up with a few blogs later x