Thursday, 24 April 2008


Well this morning my postie got pounced on before he even knocked on the door as my new shiny toy arrived. Yippeeeee!!!! :)

Graphicus rang me on Tuesday to say the brown wires that I ordered were out of stock, so I said it was fine to send me the white ones. So knowing that, I ordered some wires and B-I-A Covers from Cutting Edge Crafts on Tuesday morning and they arrived on Wednesday - now that is what I call excellent service plus they don't charge delivery!! So even better :)

Now you will have to bear with me as I haven't even had the chance too play with it. My youngest Avie had her friend over for dinner today after school and she didn't go home until 7 - plus tonight HEROES Series 2 begins on BBC2 at 9pm. So between now and then I am going to do a bit of ironing (sigh) before I go sit down and be a happy soul for an hour! So hopefully tomorrow I will be able to show you something - be it very simple!