Monday, 11 August 2008

PINK ELEPHANTS -photos added

Such a busy weekend - I managed to catch up with everything I needed too at last. That ironing pile sure grows quickly in this house :)

On to tonight -
I made 2 pink elephants (smile on my face) - one of which is a keyring and I am really happy with the way they turned out. Just taken a few photos and my camera died on me arghhhh. So I can't upload the pictures.

I made the large one first (13cm high x 16cm wide)- very basic shape (in other words easy) - and I think its cute :) - hubby thinks I should make them as presents for friends who are pregnant or make some for the school fayre etc.

The little keyring, I made to see if i could downsize from the larger size and it worked. It measures 5.5cm high x 7cm wide. I bought 5 keyrings from my local market on saturday and i have been determined to make something to attach to them, and the elephant worked a charm.

So watch this space as I will upload the piccies tomorrow when my batteries are charged. :)