Sunday, 2 September 2007

Been Making


Been making cards tonight to enter into The Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine Cardmaker of the Year competition. I have never entered stuff before - so I thought 'Hey' give it a shot! Been doing ok so far but needed a break from the ribbons which are tangled on my table, and bits of paper everywhere!

Well today held no big surprises - all it did was rain!! Sob Sob. Had plans to cut the grass and hedges today but that idea fell through. My youngest was at a party today 12 - 2.30pm at Wacky Warehouse and the poor thing got soaked going and then coming home. I just wish now I had taken a photo of her, she had got her face painted and as you can imagine - rain and face paints don't mix too well. She ended up with pink paint down her face, but she had a great time.