Thursday, 17 April 2008


I was asked the other night to put a card together for a lady who works with my friend. She had seen the brother card and wanted something similar but with the ladies name on the front.

She asked for a pink card with stripes on the letters and also buttons. No Ribbons!!!! And to be honest I haven't enjoyed making this. I find it hard to follow peoples instructions on cards - I like to make them my own way!

Here is how the card started.

And this is how it finished - I ended up changing the letter 'E' as I thought it looked too big with the other letters.

On the inside she wanted Happy Birthday Mate with the 'M' from Mel to start the word mate!

I edged the letters with my pink ink pad then added some ultra fine glitter.

On the edge with the buttons, I cut a curve so the buttons had something to follow and to give the card a bit of shape. The photo doesn't really show you this. I also threaded a few of the buttons with cerise thread.

Well my friend is picking this up on Saturday, as the lady needs it for Monday. Just hope she likes it!!!!