Saturday, 1 March 2008


Sorry nothing to show you today as I have been busy trying to sort things for both my daughters birthdays. I managed to book Wacky Warehouse for the youngest - so thats not too bad - but now my eldest has decided she would like a swimming party. So by the time she let us know the local swimming pool was shut so I will have to ring in the morning and hopefull get something booked for her.

When we were out today I finished buying my eldests pressies, but I cant tell you on here as she reads this!!!! My youngest, I have a few things stashed away - but at least her birthday isnt until the 15th so i still have time to get some more for her.

So happy 1st of March - where did Januray and February go??????????????? and hopefully I will get making some cards tomorrow unless hubby has something planned for Mothers Day - but I doubt that very much!