Thursday, 28 February 2008


Finally finished my bookmark for the swap (my first)!!

Over on the Crafts Beautiful forum there is a bookmark swap going on and the deadline is the 18th March for them to be in. I know I have made mine early but with the other card order to start on and my daughters birthday card to finish I thought I better pull my finger out and get it done.

So here is a little sneaky peek at what I have made!

Now I must have done something right as even hubby likes it - if he doesnt like something I have made, he lets me know.

So I am pleased with the way it came out and I hope whoever gets it is also happy with it. So hopefully this will be in the post tomorrow and be on its way to Jules.

If you are wondering whats has happened to the photos, well I had a little play with the contrast and colour on them and I really like the way they have turned out.


Well I hope I have finished with the 1st order.

I got up this morning thinking - I will not let this 'MALE' card thing beat me - so I thought - straight forward design using my computer - no fuss - no scratching head trying to think up anything and here it is ta da!!!!

I used Laines Day and Garamond fonts and then I cut out the exclamation mark and added a brad for the spot.

Have to say in truth I was probably being lazy and just wanted to get this first order done and out of the way. And this was the quickest design to do! Sorry the pics are a bit rubbish - and I have just taken them in daylight!!! - think i will stick to taking photos of them at night.

The card I used came from my LCS and it was my last bit - so me thinks some 'crafty' shopping will be called for on Saturday - you know, just to stock up on a few things. LOL!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Oooo looky what i have been given - my very first award!!!! The lovely Max over at thought I deserved it - so thankyou sooo much hun - it really made my day!

Now the instructions for this is simple:

1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs you find of interest and that inspire you.
2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Display the logo "YOU MAKE MY DAY"
4. Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news.

Now I had big problems with only choosing 5 out of the 50, 60 blogs I visit every day! Plus the fact that so many people had already received it. So - here are my 5 choices. - what can I say - an amazing talented lady with a thing for Magnolias! ;o) - Julie came to visit my blog through the Docrafts site - and i'm glad she did! She makes some stunning cards. Go on over and visit her blog her cards are fab! - The lovely Alinka has some amazing creations on her blog. Her 'books' are stunning - she is one very talented lady. - Kiwicrafter does some amazing things with paper - go check out her Sunflower and Water Lillies they are gorgeous. - Nikki has such a fab blog - she always has something yummy to look at.

So here are my 5 - please go check out their blogs - you will be so impressed. I WAS!!!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Why am I finding it hard to do the rest of the first card order - I will tell you -
Because the last 2 cards are for men - arggghhhh

I knew what I wanted to do with this card this morning when I got up, I had it all planned out in my head.

So what happened???????

Came to do it tonight and could I get it to look right - NO!!! In my head it looked great but in real life YUK!

I sat today when my dad came for a brew and cut all the letters out using my Quickutz with the MOXIE alphabet. See even then I knew what i wanted to do.

To be honest this is even my second go at it! The bit with the letters on was the full size of the card but i ended up cutting it down and then layering it on the darker blue card just to make it stand out better. I also inked round the edges to try and 'lift it'.

So I may or may not hand this card over - it may grow on me or it will feed the bin! Only thing is I have another 'male' card to do!

Monday, 25 February 2008


Well I have managed to get 3 more cards done for the first order. I have finished the 3 'girlie' ones and managed just the 1male card. I find it hard to do male cards and she does want them all different!!!

This one I used dark brown cardstock from local market, Cuttlebug Spots & Dots Embossing Folder, DCWV Matt Stack, Dovecraft Brads and my computer to print 'ONLY ME'. I also used some more PLASMA at the bottom of the card - this bit I found is a lot thicker than the bit I used on the other nights card (fridays post)!!!

I used the brads this time to attach the plasma to the card instead of glue. I also did a bit of faux stitching - first time and I think it looks ok!

This one is quite bright in real life - I hope she likes it!!
I used DCWV Matt Stack, Cuttlebug Spots & Dots Embossing Folder, Quickutz Flower Die, ribbon from local shop, and once again text from computer.

I quite like the colours on this one - very calming!!! I used DCWV Matt Stack (again), spotty paper from LCS (dont know the maker), Cuttlebug Paisley Dies, Ribbon from USA, Bling LCS? and text from my computer.

Now I havent met this lady and I dont know what her tastes are, so I think upto now there is a good mixture of cards and colours.


Just a quick post.

Never managed to do anything 'crafty' yesterday - I spent some quality time with hubby, kids and my dad. And I also managed to catch up on some ironing.

I got a phonecall from my best mate this afternoon and she remembered to take in my box of cards to work with her - not bad she has had them nearly 2 weeks now!!! Well she phoned to ask me if i could do some cards for her workmates - so in one order I have 6 cards to make 3 male and 3 female all to have ONLY ME on the front of them. As you can see in the piccy below here is the first one.

The base card is from my LCS, the striped paper is Papermania, flower is Dovecraft???, brad is dovecraft. The swirl I cut out by hand - I can only say I am glad I didnt do it any smaller!!!!

The other order is for 4 cards - 1 for Mum on your 60th, 1 Mum normal birthday, 1 birthday Brother and 1 birthday Sister. I have a few weeks to get them done as they arent needed soon (thankfully!!!).

So watch this space as I will have more to post!!!!

Saturday, 23 February 2008


I always seem to post stuff late at night - its 10:30pm here. My heating has just gone off and I can feel the cold already - bbbrrrrr!

Any Hoo!!! In my Crafts Beautiful Prize Stash were templates for exploding boxes etc and also a Pyramid card template. Well been playing tonight - having a little practice and thought they would make great little party favours for my kids birthday parties.

I would only have to make about 20. That would be 12 for the little one who will be 5 on the 15th March and 8 for the big one who will be into double figures (10) on the 9th March.

I wouldnt get a lot into them, but I can make the little pressies a lit bit more special.

I used Bazzill Card and covered it with Kelly Panacci paper, cut some flowers from her Jumbo Flowers paper and used eyelets to attach them to the card. I also added eyelets to the 4 corners so i could thread ribbon through (need to practice a bit more with that).


This afternoon I was having a clearout of a few boxes under the stairs and came across my Fimo Clay. Now this stuff hasnt seen daylight for nearly 2 years and i didnt think it would still be ok to use. But the kids wanted to have a play so I let them.

Caitlyn, my eldest made the buttons, the beads, pendant and the heart.

She did really well blending the colours. I showed her the basics (and i mean the basics) and off she went. She rolled the clay into a long sausage shape then cuts chunks off to make the buttons. Then she got a Kebab stick and made a few beads to go with the pendant.

I did help her with the heart as she couldnt get the shape right - but we got there in the end. She used a straw to put a hole through it so she could wear it as a necklace.

Now these are my youngest ones efforts!! She enjoyed playing with the fimo and kept calling it Play Doh. We used a cookie cutter for the teddy and I helped her make the eyes, she rolled the bit for its tummy and used the end of one of the tools to make the little 'holes' on it.

And she wanted to put the biggest smile on the face.

They both had loads of fun. I now wish I had found this at the beginning of the hoildays as it kept them busy for a while.

I am sorry for the photos, they are very dull and dont show the true colour of the buttons etc But the white paper I photographed them on came out yuk in the photos. Will try tomorrow in daylight to see if thats better.

Friday, 22 February 2008


BEFORE - very pink (well the cover) notebook from TESCO.
This book holds a list of all my fav blogs, quotes, sketches, doodles etc.

And the finished product!

I started this today - as in cutting the paper for it and that was it - but finally finished tonight.

Couldnt decide what to put on the cover and then the flowers that I got in my prize stash came to mind! I also used some paper twine that I got from IKEA ages ago and threaded it through the flowers and the buttons.

I have added an envelope on the inside to store bits and bobs (more bits than bobs as its not that big) and covered it in paper and inked the edges like I have done with the front cover. The back cover is in the same paper.

I am really happy with this because its for me and nobody else! The only problem I had was after I stuck the paper on the front I realised that I covered the holes and I had to sit and cut out each one (quite annoying it was). But I'm happy now!!!



Ok!! Still a few spots of brown but at least its not ALL brown.

I have never tried the acetate (still havent as i didnt have any - used some Plasma instead) thing on a card, and I have seen some lovely ones out there in blogland that I just had to have a go!

The plasma wasnt too thick, just thick enough for the card! I did use glue to attach it but it came off so I re-attached it again so fingers crossed thats it!

The Hi bit was done on my comp then printed out, then I used my circle punch to 'punch' it out. I added a brad just to give it something - It just seemed a bit flat if you know what I mean!

Going to be nipping up the street in about 10 minutes to see my friends daughter - it was her birthday on wednesday but she is getting her 'present' tonight. Its a Pink Limo!!! The thing is its blowing a gale outside and raining and I so wanted to get some good pics - will have to wait and see.

They have hired it for 2 hours and its just going to drive round. She is sooo looking forward to it - she is mad on anything pink! Just added the pics - birthday girl in pink, my little one in the blue jacket and my eldest is in the background the other girl is the eldest sister of the girl in pink. They drove round the block so my kids to get to be in it.

Thursday, 21 February 2008


What is it with me at the moment - I must be going through a brown stage - because everything I seem to do is B R O W N.

Well my friend seen this paper and asked me if i could do a vintage/old style card for mother's day for her gran. She liked the vintage photo I used on the anniversary card the other week (see later post) and she wanted something similar. So here it is!!!!

I just love these little postcards that I got from Lakeland ages ago. They seem to work with darker coloured papers and card. The paper is by Kelly Panacci for Sandylion - it is an 'old' paper as the copyright on the back says 2004. I also used a couple of brads by Dovecraft and I printed off the sentiment from my computer.

This one is for me. I wanted a little note card to send to one of my neighbours to say thanks for taking in a few parcels lately. The post round here is terrible at the moment - and it seems any deliveries seem to come around 3pm and 3.30pm - when I leave to go get the kids from school.

The patterned paper is by HOTP - Use 'Em For Anything Chocolate dark, light & white. Other stuff used is from LCS.

So as you can see nothing exciting. Just bog standard cards.

Today was quite a laid back day as the kids were invited to a party at the local bowling alley - it wasnt till 4pm so we did nothing much apart from laze about. My eldest was feeling a lot better today - I could tell first thing this morning, as she was arguing with the little one - so she was 100% better!!!!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008


I couldnt go anywhere today as my eldest has been running a very high temp, and the little one has been her nurse.
So seeing that I couldnt take the kids out i thought I would do something 'CRAFTY'.
So here it is - I found this old frame that used to be in my bedroom when it was green and cream (sooo glad i changed it) and have been dying to do something with it.

So here is my latest creation. Ta Da!!!!

The frame measures 15in x 11in. I used HOTP papers that I got in my prize stash and happily ripped strips and edged them using my brown chalk ink pad. I used just ordinary PVA glue and set about layering the strips on the frame (very messy). I then went over it with the brown chalk pad again to really age it and voila here it is. I will either use a clear varnish on it or PVA to seal it.

I have a picture in my mind about which photo will go in it - its one i took of my eldest a couple of days ago. So when I have that blown up, changed from colour to sepia and printed - it has a nice new home to sit in and will have pride of place in my dining room.

You have a massive choice here - we would like you to make a presetn for someone - anyone!
Well i did - for me!!!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


So now we want you to make a card any size BUT NOT 'normal'. You must make a card with a different ie: not a straight forward landscape or portrait fold. Maybe a card with more than 1 fold or a wallet style - anything goes - just different. I went over to just Bex Forum and this challenge was there so I have added the card.

I had a go at making these this afternoon - and I am pretty pleased with them. Seeing that it was my first go at them I don't think i have done too bad. I really think i need to buy a scalloped punch now, as if you click on this link you will see what I mean - When I seen these I though 'how cute' they were. Here is the link to original designer and the tutorial

The eyelets on the blue one are the wrong colour - will have to make sure I get some to match the star colour. The pink one I am not to sure about, i do like it but I think the colour is all wrong - so a bit of tweaking is in order.

They both measure 14cm deep x 10.5cm across. I used Bazzill card, the star is printed off my computer, the heart is a Quickutz die and the eyelets are Dovecraft. I also used the lid off one of my pens and white ink to create the little dots on the cards. I also used my Woodcare Circle Punch that I bought today.

Monday, 18 February 2008


BLACK & WHITE and...
From the fab Sue a challenge to use Black/White and a colour of your choice and then make us whatever you fancy.

Well I stuck to a very simple (once again) LO and used pink as my accent colour.

I stamped the flower image using STAZON and added some pink to the centre of each flower. I made the scallop edge with my corner rounder punch and then punched holes in each scallop.

And I thought I would show you the back of this one, as I messed up. I was looking for my STAZON ink pad so I could stamp enjoy and I couldnt find it. Then I realised that the card was on top of the ink pad - doh. I will make sure I'm a bit more careful next time!!!!

Sunday, 17 February 2008



Here is another Just Bex Challenge card.
The challenge was:- We want you to create a card or layout using just one can use as many variations of that colour as you want but no other colour is allowed.

I stuck with a very simple card layout and the colour (have you guessed yet) BROWN. I am not really happy with it, I dont know if the blooms are too big, or the colour of card I have used is wrong but something isnt right.

If I get chance I may have another go with this one - but it really depends on the kids as they are now off school for the week. I just hope this nice weather holds up, so I can get out and do something fun with them.


Hello to a beautiful sunny day here in North West of England. Hubby has taken the youngest out shopping and my eldest is out playing with her friends. I was up early this morning and managed to get a lot done. So maybe just maybe i might get some more cards made this afternoon.

This card I made last night before I sat down to watch the Will Smith film Pursuit Of Happyness. I really enjoyed it and Will Smith was great. But it did drag out a bit, but there were some moving moments in the film and i just loved the bit when he got the job.

I had drawn a sketch for this card from an idea off someones blog - but for the life of me I cant remember who's (so if anyone can let me know that would be great). I know its not the best card but its nice and simple, and thats the way I like it.

Saturday, 16 February 2008


Just Bex Challenge No. 3 - Recipe.
We would like you to incorporate the following into a card, ATC, LO etc
1 Ribbon
2 Blooms
3 Different Patterned Papers

So here is my effort - yes I used the same layout again as the cards that I have been making, but I have added the extra 3rd paper to tie in with the challenge. The colours of the card seem so dull and dark, but I was determined to get this card done today, so, I never messed about with the papers and grabbed the first 3 that I came too.

The enjoy bit was a bit of a pain as when I stamped it the white ink was naff so I went over it with a gel pen to make it stand out more.
I am going to have a go at some of the other challenges - so hopefully I will have some more stuff to show you all.

Friday, 15 February 2008


Made these 2 cards this afternoon sat at my window in beautiful sunshine. I kept the design the same as the last 2 cards that I did, as I really like the simple layout.

I really love the colours on this one as its so vibrant!!
I raised the flower etc on 3d foam pads - (will cost a small fortune to send in the post - hahehahe)

I used DCWV Mat Stack Brights and also DCWV Paper Pack - matchmakers 2

Ummmm. This one I'm not too sure on the colours or the flower (I think it looks fat and also too busy). For the stem I twisted some ribbon.

I used DCWV Retro Prints Paper stack and also DCWV Brights Mat Stack.

It was also nice being able to take photos in the sunshine rather than late at night as i usually do.

FORGOT TO SAY - Over on Just Bex forum they are having a Big Challenge Week starting tonight.

Thursday, 14 February 2008


Just thought I would wish everyone a good day.
I got a lovely box of chocolates from hubby plus a jigsaw that I have to put together yet (knowing him it will be something naughty). And a gorgeous card (sorry no piccies of the card as the batteries went dead).

Just thought I would show you what I got him. Its made by a company called Clear Intentions. We usually buy the Spaceform ones but the little shop where I got this one didnt stock them anymore.

Hubby was pleased - so thats what matters.
Nothing planned for tonight as hubby always works on Valentines Night - it is one of the busiest nights of the year for the restaurant.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008


I have started on my eldests daughters birthday card - I am a bit early as its not until March 9th - but I left it to the last minute last year and ran out of colour ink in my printer so her card wasnt what I wanted it to be. So i thought I would get started on it early.

I just love these papers - they are by College Press and they are The Sugar Plum series. I know Caitlyn will love them even though she is a bit of a tom boy (she takes after me). I have used some Bazzill card stock and some eyelets, but that is as far as i have got.

Must be doing alright with it as hubby likes it! If anyone is critical of my work, it is my hubby. I wont even make him a Valentines card because he is soooooo fussy. So I have BOUGHT a shop one this year.
As I progress with this i will update with piccies - i just hope I dont go and spoil it and add way to much stuff.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Just loving the colour combo of this card. Yes I know its the same layout as last nights card but i liked it.

I was so tempted again to stamp on some ribbon - not the sheer ribbon as on card - but i have some blue ribbon that is an excellent match to the blue card - but I didnt want to ruin it as i dont have a lot of it left.

The papers are again by HOTP Bohemian Sarapapers, the blue card by DCWV and the enjoy is Studio G Stamp, the ribbon from my LCS and the flower once again made using card art. I also used a white gel pen to highlight some areas of the background paper.