Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Well not that much, but I couldn't help but make these two little hangers for crimbo.

I made the little Penguin on Monday and I managed to finish off the little snowman today (day off).

I got the shapes for them out of a book called 'CHRISTMAS THINGS TO STITCH & SEW' by Usborne Activities. I bought the book for the kids to have a go at making some stuff - but up to now its just me making.

I spent an obscene amount of time this morning doing my ironing (3 HOURS - gasp) that i needed some little old me time. Hopefully tonight I will get round to visiting the blogging world and catch up with everyone.

Sorry its a short post but I really need to get the kids dinners ready as they will be home in an hour.


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

IT'S ME!!!

I'm so sorry for the long absence but I seem to have been doing lots of hours at work and everything has taken a back seat. I have sort of been told that I am going to be kept on until January then I will have to see if they are going to take me on permanently.

Hubby went back to work yesterday - so strange him not being at home. They are having him doing light duties this week just to make sure he is alright. And, because he is back at work I have new hours now at work - so it gives me days to myself. So instead of starting at 3pm till 11pm, I am starting later at 5pm - which will be great as I will get to see the kids. The only thing is I will be working weekends from now on either an 8am start or 9am till 4.30pm.

Guess What???????

I managed to actually make a little something the other night. I had doodled this little robin ages ago ready to make him but never got the chance. But finally had a little go.
Sorry for the dull photo - the light here today is naff!

And last night my eldest made this little cutie - she copied my robin and I think she did great. It is attached to a card but my youngest got hold of it and it now has black fingerprints on the edges - so I did a close up.

Going to get off and get the kids dinner ready for them coming in from school - I'm working tonight and still have loads of things to do.

Catch you later!