Sunday, 23 September 2007


Is going to be a BIG DAY for me!

1. Avie starts school full time tomorrow. She is so looking forward to taking her packed lunch and seeing the rest of her nursery friends who she hasn't seen since the beginning of the summer holidays. I am looking forward to it, but its going to be strange not having my little munchkin around the house asking me to play with her, watch Dora with her or make her something to eat. She has grown up so fast - where have the last 4 and a half years gone????????
Talking about where have the years gone - I also have a meeting to attend at main school tomorrow night regarding high school choices for Caitlyn. My god she is 9 and a half and I don't want to start thinking about that yet (maybe my problem is I don't want her to grow up).

I have got some patches and I have 3 ciggies left in my packet to smoke before I go to bed. Dad if you read this I have pinched your patches (I know you wont be mad because you want me to stop). Today when I got up my chest felt sooooooo tight and I have had a tickly cough for most of the day - so I really decided today would be my last day of smoking. So tomorrow I wont do my usual thing of going to my neighbours for a brew after i drop the kids off at school - I am going to finish my very large pile of ironing that I did try to tackle today but never really seemed to make a dent in it :( So I am going to keep my self ultra busy tomorrow. I might also get some cards made!

So if anyone happens to read this feel free to leave me words of wisdom and encouragement. Because I think I will need it :)