Thursday, 29 November 2007


Second post in two days!!!

I have managed to make boxes today for some Christmas cards that should have been made weeks ago. Still very plain at the moment but I will do something with them in the next few days.

Found out this evening that Caitlyn is allergic to penicillin. She came home from school compaining that she was very itchy, when I had a look, her skin seemed to be on fire. She was red on her torso, neck, arms and her legs. So I rang the doctors and managed to get an appointment at 5.30pm. The doctor confirmed that she is now allergic to penicillin - even thought she has been given it before on numerous occasions (over the past 9 years). So she now has ERYTHRODEN for her tonsils and she was given CETIRIZINE for the rash. So hopefully she will be alright now.

The little one Avie is looking very sorry for herself at the moment. The chicken pox seems to have stopped spreading now, but her hands and backs of her legs look terrible. The spots are very large and some have started to weep now. She is being really really good and managing not to scratch them - I couldnt.