Tuesday, 19 August 2008

BAA BAA B.......

Introducing Ewan The Sheep

I finished him last night as I got a little bored with ironing etc. He didn't take long to make and I just love the blank expression on his face. Have to say my daughters want him but i have decided to keep him for myself :)

When I came to do his eyes, I didn't have a pair of buttons that were the same. I have over a 100 brown buttons and couldn't find 2 matching ones. So, I had to resort to 2 grey ones - but i think they work pretty well.

These are small key rings that I have started to make for my friends who are having babies.
I found out today (yippee) that my dear friend Helen is having a little girl in December which is great news, as the other pregnancies are all boys. The sad part was that she told me at her dads funeral. He died last Monday of cancer and his funeral was today - so he wont get to see his grand-daughter which is just so sad.

I have been a little busy this weekend as well, doing some new designs for CocoCards which hopefully will be added to the website soon (if they are ok'd).

Catch you all later x