Saturday, 8 March 2008


Where has the time gone?

I haven't managed to finish my daughters card on time - the reason being I can't find it. I AM GUTTED!!!! Its her birthday tomorrow the big '10' and I had to go out today and buy her a card. I have had so much to do today that I never got chance to even try and make her a new one. We were at a birthday party this afternoon - and that took up a lot of time and I have the bags and stuff to get ready tonight so we don't have to rush about in the morning.

So tomorrow there will be 19 going to her swimming party - and I have to say they are all looking forward to it. There are a few who aren't strong swimmers, but i spoke to the manager today and he said that wouldn't be a problem as there would be lifeguards on duty and most of the games would be in the shallow end of the pool.

So going to get off and start on the bags. I really want/need to make some cards as I have the second order to start and one of the cards has to be done by the 21 March. Fingers crossed I will have some things to post soon. Thanks for visiting!!!!