Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Well my week off is over and its back to work today.
The holiday has gone way too fast!!!
But its been a great week especially spending it with Anthony, Calum, Ellie, Caitlyn, Joe & Avie.

We have been quite lucky really with the weather even though some days were very cold. But its been to nice to get out and do a bit of walking even though I feel like I've shrunk a few inches.

This is the most recent photo of me and my partner Anthony (love this man) at Williamson Park on Sunday. Caitlyn took around 6 photos and this is my favourite one of us together, even though the sun was in our eyes and we are squinting. She took some great photos and I think I have a budding photographer in the making.

Left to right - Avie, Calum, Joe, Ellie & Caitlyn - This was taken on the Stone Jetty last Monday when we went out for a walk and its the first time that we have managed to get a photo of them all together.

So I'm going to go and get sorted for work (really don't want to go back) and hopefully might have something to show you during the week if I get the chance to craft.

Monday, 20 February 2012


Forgot to post the pictures for this little Owl that I made on Tuesday night. I'm not 100% happy with this one as I had problems getting the eyebrow shapes on the head the same thickness and then again I didn't have any decent buttons for the eyes. But at least I gave it a try.

The instructions in the book mentioned scraps of brown socks which I didn't have, so I had to once again resort to felt. A very quick little project to do and I think maybe next time I try something like this one again I will certainly practice on the eyebrow bits.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Had a few days off from making stuff and decided to have a few days out & about with the kids.

On Wednesday we went to Leighton Moss RSPB reserve. Only a half hour drive away but worth it. Such a peaceful place and great birdwatching. We ended up joining the RSPB as we enjoyed it that much. I didn't seem to get any photos of any birds apart from the ducks but the kids and Anthony got some great shots. I have to say I love this shot I got looking across one of the lakes.

On Friday we went to the Manchester Science & Industry Museum. We had a great time and the kids enjoyed it. Have to say this is my favourite shot of the day of Caitlyn. The end of the day was spent at the Trafford Centre where we had our dinner and the only shopping bought was Gummy Bears, a few boxes of Nerds and Reeses sweets. The nerds were so expensive and I'm sure when I was younger I didn't spend £2.49 a box and that was with 20% off - but they were nice.

Today, after having a very lazy morning we went for a drive to Williamson Park in Lancaster. It was mine and Anthonys first time up there and we were amazed with the views from the Ashton Memorial. Its sad to think I have lived in the area for nearly 36 years and its my first time there.

Caitlyn took this photo of me, Anthony and Avie and I love it. We didnt know she was taking the picture and there were a few more but this one is my favourite.

This photo was taken on Monday looking from the Stone Jetty to Morecambe Sea Front. We dragged the kids and the dogs out for a walk as it was such a lovely day but very very cold. The tall structure in the middle of the photo is The Polo Tower left over from Morecambe Pleasure Beach. The fairground shut many years ago but the structure is still there as the council decided to let mobile companies use it as a mobile phone mast (sad).

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Finally got round to making this little one on Tuesday night - ok I know I said I was having a break for a few days but I just couldn't resist.

So here she is... DINOSOCK!

A nice, quick little one to make but I'm not happy with the way the tail turned out - due to me trying to get it finished before I went to bed - but it will do! I think I spent more time trying to find buttons for the eyes than what it took me to make it. In the end I gave in and used black beads that I bought the other day.

The kids loved her when they seen her yesterday morning - and I can see me making a few more of these as they are quick to do.

Monday, 13 February 2012


This is my little creation from last night. I'm sorry for the dull photos but once again its not been the brightest days to get any good photos.


I followed the pattern from Stray Sock Sewing Too (love that book) and it took under 2 hours to make. Had a few problems finding a white sock so I ended up using a bit of white felt to attach to the front.

The beak I originally made was too small and when I turned it the right way the stitches were visible so I made a larger beak but it ended up a bit too long :)

I'm going to have a few days break I think from making any sock creatures, as my kids especially the youngest wants to make a bag for her collection of Moshi Monsters.


After we had our dinner last night we all sat down to create sock creatures/animals. So from around 7 last night till about 11 we all sat round the dining room table making things.

Here is Calums (19) first try at making a sock creature. I think he did a fab job!!

Here is Ellies (16)
Ellie got these socks for Christmas and kept them aside especially for making a sock creature.

Its still a work in progress and at this very moment she is finishing the legs off.

This one is the joint attempt by Anthony (42) & Joe (10)
They used a kit with everything inside it for making the Zebra and when I had a look at the instructions I found them quite hard to follow. So I think I will stick to my Stray Sock Sewing books.

I made the Penguin from the book Stray Sock Sewing Too but for some reason I cant upload the photos on this post. So I will post the photos for later.

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Sorry for not blogging for nearly a week but I've been busy with work, then my eldest was off school on Friday because of the cold weather. So last night I finally sat down to make the 'Cheshire Cat' from the book 'Stray Sock Sewing Too' by Daniel and I'm so chuffed with the result.

Had a bit of trouble with this one though! I used adult socks instead of children's socks and its ended up being over 22 inches long - so it took ages to stuff and used lots of stuffing. I bought the socks from Asda (cant see me using old socks) the other day and when I saw the stripes I knew I wanted to make the Cheshire Cat.

I just love how the cheesy smile gives the cat so much character.

My partner Anthony has his kids staying with us for a few days, and I can see after dinner that there will be some sock creations going on in the house. So WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012



Yesterday morning my daughters school was shut on safety grounds because of a gas leak, so around 10.30 I had to go pick her up. So with my days plans out of the window we sat down to make a few things with felt. It took her ages to decide what to do and in the end she came up with tooth fairy bags and I made a cupcake pin cushion.

When I'm sewing I constantly put pins on the table and they disappear (damn that needle thief) so I thought I would make myself a small pin cushion to keep everything in a safe place other than the carpet (dangerous place to store them I know).

I had been trawling through the many websites looking for easy to make stuff and seen these the other day. So quick to make and my youngest found them ok.

The tooth gets put in the tooth part on the front and when the tooth fairy takes the tooth they leave the money in the little bag part :)

I'm back at work today after having 4 days off (long weekend) but I'm happy because I've only got 3 shifts then I'm off till the 21st of February. The kids are off school for half term so I booked the holiday so I could spend the time with them. So if the weather is rubbish (which I hope it isn't) I suppose there will be more felt crafting and the likes going on in this house whilst the kids are off.

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Cold, damp, foggy day today and the kids didn't want to venture out (and neither did I). So after much deliberation (searching through a few cookery books) my eldest decided to have a go at making puff pastry from scratch which in turn will then be made into Chocolate Palmier - looking forward to tasting them when they are ready.

My youngest decided on making a bag for herself so she could keep her sweets in it! So out came my box with bits of fabric and felt and she decided on the colours she wanted to use. I got my Quikutz out as well and cut a couple of shapes out of felt for her.

The fabric was a green gingham which made it easy for her to follow in a straight line when doing the running stitch. She attached the felt shapes on first before stitching up the bag.

Then using a safety pin with the ribbon attached she threaded the ribbon through and then tied a knot on the end so the ribbon wouldn't come undone.
And here she is with the finished bag full of her sweets - she was really pleased with it. Plus I can see her wanting to make a few more of these as they are so easy to make.

The idea for the bag came from the book 'Made By Me' by Jane Bull. Its a great book for young kids wanting to get into crafting.

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Whats going on with the weather?? We had snow forecast for today! Don't get me wrong we got some, all of 10 minutes which included hail as well... then low and behold rain for the rest of the day. So me and the youngest have stayed in today making soup... then I had a little play.

Yesterday I went into town on the hunt for socks - yes I know SAD. But could i find any that I thought would be suitable for making things - A BIG FAT NO! I did buy a small black and pink disney pair which are quite cute but tiny (0-3 months size). Looking forward to making something with them :)

BeeHold Beelinda!!!!
Introducing the new addition to the family ha ha.

This one I found a little fiddly to make especially the little antennae. I don't have the smallest of scissors and trying to shape the little things was a tad hard but I got there in the end.

The instructions in the book called for beads to be used for the eyes and by god could i find any!!! Been crafting for quite a few years and have accumulated quite a lot of crafty stash but to my disgust NO BLACK BEADS!!! So I had to turn to my button jars and there were only a few black buttons to choose from. (Note to self - buy black beads and more black buttons of various sizes).

I'm happy with the way she has turned out... Just wish I could have found some better coloured socks to use.

I'm sorry that the photos are not the best. But trying to get good shots when the weather outside is horrible and then the light inside is rubbish - it just means yuk photos.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Woooohooooo (stupid big smile on my face) my book arrived this morning from Amazon. And OMG I can't wait to make something from it. There are so many new things to make and new techniques to try I honestly can't wait.... sad I know!!!

This one I definitely will be trying!

And this one!

So on Friday I have a day off and I will be setting out to buy some small baby socks, and some colourful ones to add to the growing collection of my socks.

OK I will admit it now..... I'M ADDICTED!!!!!


Here are the pictures as promised of the key holders that my youngest made the other weekend. She was so proud of them that she took them into school to show her teacher. I only had to do a few stitches to start her off and that was it... she was away sewing to her little hearts content. The ideas came from a book that I got her at Christmas called 'Made By Me' by Jane Bull. The instructions are very easy to follow especially for an 8 year old and the photos inside are great.

She doesn't have her own front door key at the moment so I attached mine to one of them. Apart from wanting to make a doll this weekend she also wants to make more of these little key holders.

She also wanted to make a cupcake for her sister but I ended up doing most of it for her. She did the sewing on top of the 'icing' and added the button, but then struggled to do the actual cake part. So that's when I stepped in and helped. But she was happy with the end product and so was her sister.

A FEW MONTHS AGO (in a land far far away)

My partner Anthony wanted to make a Sock Monster and as I had made a few... he was feeling left out. So out came his old socks (clean ones) and he came up with this little creature. Seeing as it was his first try I don't think he did too bad. It has pride of place in our bedroom with the growing collection of sock things/creatures/pets.

This one I made for Anthony as he wanted me to make him something special. I made the heart into a mouth and added a 'i' and 'u' on either side of it. Have to say he was a little chuffed with it!!