Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Today when my dad came round to see me, he asked if I could make him a Thank You card. So I decided to do one using the same colours and papers as the Bookmark. I just love these colours at the moment!!

I used DCVW Retro Papers, DCVW Neutral and Brights Matt Stack. I made holes on the blue card using a needle and a ruler and then hand stitched in brown thread. I inked round the edges of the letters with my Dark Brown ColorBox Fluid Chalk Inkpad (that's a bit of a mouthful) and then tied some ribbon round the 'U' and used sticky fixers to raise the letters up.

The letters I used were printed off my computer and then cut out. I then stuck the DCVW Retro Paper over the top then cut them out again. I really didn't want to use the HOTP Monograms that I have - I prefer to stroke them!!!!


I can share this with you now as I know it has been received.
This is the bookmark that I made for the Crafts Beautiful Swap and the lovely Sewdelish was the person to receive it.

The papers used were DCVW Retro Prints and I also used DCVW Matt Stack. I made the card and attached the bookmark to it with the ribbons and also stamped ENJOY under the bookmark using my Studio G Stamps, so when you moved it you could see the enjoy part. I printed the poem out onto matching card and then layered it. I punched a hole, added a flower, then an eyelet and then threaded the ribbon through so the bookmark can be removed from the card.

The poem on it reads:-
The Miracle of Friendship
There's a miracle called friendship
that dwells within the heart,
and you don't know how it happens
or how it gets to start...

But the happiness it brings you
always gives a special lift
and you realise that friendship is
God's most precious gift.
- Author Unknown -
And this is the lovely one I got from Sewdelish. I love the paper she has used and also the paper pricking around the border.
So thanks you - it is being used at this very moment as I have just started reading TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.