Monday, 13 February 2012


This is my little creation from last night. I'm sorry for the dull photos but once again its not been the brightest days to get any good photos.


I followed the pattern from Stray Sock Sewing Too (love that book) and it took under 2 hours to make. Had a few problems finding a white sock so I ended up using a bit of white felt to attach to the front.

The beak I originally made was too small and when I turned it the right way the stitches were visible so I made a larger beak but it ended up a bit too long :)

I'm going to have a few days break I think from making any sock creatures, as my kids especially the youngest wants to make a bag for her collection of Moshi Monsters.


After we had our dinner last night we all sat down to create sock creatures/animals. So from around 7 last night till about 11 we all sat round the dining room table making things.

Here is Calums (19) first try at making a sock creature. I think he did a fab job!!

Here is Ellies (16)
Ellie got these socks for Christmas and kept them aside especially for making a sock creature.

Its still a work in progress and at this very moment she is finishing the legs off.

This one is the joint attempt by Anthony (42) & Joe (10)
They used a kit with everything inside it for making the Zebra and when I had a look at the instructions I found them quite hard to follow. So I think I will stick to my Stray Sock Sewing books.

I made the Penguin from the book Stray Sock Sewing Too but for some reason I cant upload the photos on this post. So I will post the photos for later.