Thursday, 17 January 2008



Was sooooooooo bored today that I thought I would have a play about and create a new header for on here. The weather has been so bad lately and today was no exception, that I was sat on here (the computer) for a few hours just messing about and came up with the ABOVE^^^^^.

I will probably change it soon as I don't know if the black works well - but I will leave if for a while and see if it grows on me.

Not done any cards this week - no inspiration. But have started another scarf - this time for my eldest. Not rushing with this one, gonna take it slowly. I am enjoying doing them but I have been getting pain in my right hand now for a few weeks (before I started knitting) and finding it a bit difficult to hold the needles. I have booked an appointment to see my doctor next Wednesday as I have a problem with my right knee so I will also mention my right hand and find out whats wrong.