Sunday, 12 February 2012


Sorry for not blogging for nearly a week but I've been busy with work, then my eldest was off school on Friday because of the cold weather. So last night I finally sat down to make the 'Cheshire Cat' from the book 'Stray Sock Sewing Too' by Daniel and I'm so chuffed with the result.

Had a bit of trouble with this one though! I used adult socks instead of children's socks and its ended up being over 22 inches long - so it took ages to stuff and used lots of stuffing. I bought the socks from Asda (cant see me using old socks) the other day and when I saw the stripes I knew I wanted to make the Cheshire Cat.

I just love how the cheesy smile gives the cat so much character.

My partner Anthony has his kids staying with us for a few days, and I can see after dinner that there will be some sock creations going on in the house. So WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!