Friday, 5 October 2007



A flat sharp cutting edge

This is my first go, and I'm not happy as I cant seem to get to grips with the macro on my camera. I think some time playing about with the camera may help


Today at school was BOOK DAY where the kids got to dress up in costumes regarding books that they are reading or have read.

My little one Avie wanted to go as Snow White and I was so grateful that one of my neighbours lent me this dress for her - I did have to take it up a bit (about 2 inches) but my neighbour said that it was no problem.

Now Caitlyn was different all together. They are reading a book at school called COOL (hope I am correct) which is about doctors, nurses, patients and a dog! I did order her a Doctors outfit but because of the postal strike guess what it never arrived - so off she went this morning as a patient. I gave her a black eye (please don't phone social services) by using really dark eyeshadow and then using a yellow felt tip pen for some realistic bruising. Ripped up hubby's old apron (chef by trade) for the bandage and used my red felt tips for the blood.

Last year Caitlyn won in her year with her costume which I had made with paper mache and shaped it into a really big alien head with brains to match. I will have to dig it out - as i don't throw anything away. But somehow I dont think she will win this time as half the girls in her class turned up looking exactly the same as her.