Monday, 7 April 2008


Over on the Crafts Beautiful forum there is another bookmark swap going on. The theme for this one was either ANIMALS or THE SWEETSHOP.

Now as a child we had to learn a poem at primary school and it was called Mr Giraffe - AND this is where I got my idea for the bookmark.


Mr Giraffe you make me laugh

You seem to be made all wrong

With your head so high

Way up to the sky

And your neck so very long

It seems to me

That your dinner and tea

Have such a long way to go

And I am wondering, and I am wondering

Whether they know which way to go.


So tonight I had a little play and here is a sneaky peek of what I came up with.

Now I think its cute and so does hubby and the kids - but we have all decided it is very much for a child to use. So I may have another go at this one and try and make one on the theme of The Sweetshop.

If anyone is interested in joining us with this swap go on over the and the closing date for signing up is the 19th April.