Tuesday, 1 April 2008


I will show you this card first before I go into what I have been up to.

Made this last night and I think it is my favourite of the Thank 'U' cards so far.

The swirl paper is by K&Co that I got at my LCS. I added the glitter to the swirls using my Quickie Glue Pen and yes, once again I managed to get glitter all over the table (It didn't help that i had a sneezing fit whilst adding the glitter on the card.)

The pink card is Bazzill and I edged it with my biscuit ink pad. I also ran the ink pad around the letters - again to lift them as they seemed very pale. I hope the lady likes it when she gets it!

Julie - regarding cutting out the letters - For me it has to be practice makes perfect!!! I spent 12 years (out of 14 years) as a graphic artist for the local newspaper and I had to use a scalpel everyday. Don't get me wrong, I have lost count of how many times I slit my fingers open (OUCH) using those things in the beginning. I ended up keeping plasters in my draw just in case! ;O)

SAD BIT NOW! :( Sorry for the downer!

I had to take my eldest dog to the vets last night at 11pm. She had had a stroke that was quite bad and she was so disorientated she was trying to walk, but ended up walking into the doors and the wall. So I decided to ring the vet and he told me to take her straight up. When I got there he just took one look at her and said it was time for her - It was one of the hardest things i have ever had to do! I cuddled her as he gave her the injection and it was heartbreaking to feel the life go from her.
She had had a great life as she was 16 1/2 and was never any problem - she didn't chew, make a mess nothing at all!!!
So this morning - I had to break it to the kids as hubby had gone to work.
Caitlyn just collapsed in a heap on the floor sobbing and then Avie started crying, as she had heard me tell Caitlyn. I ended up keeping them off school as they were both so heartbroken. The school was very understanding and said it was no problem.
But I still have my other 2 dogs - so as you can understand they got lashings of affection today from the kids and me.

So I will apologize for going on and I hope I haven't upset anyone. And I hope I have no more horrible news to post!

Tassie & Alinka - please bear with me. I have received your addresses and I should hopefully have your prizes in the post tomorrow.