Thursday, 27 September 2007


Well I have just finished making the box and the last card for the set.

I am really happy with the way it turned out as I have never made a box in this style before. It took me a bit of working out but I finally got there in the end.

I wasnt asked to do this for anyone it was more of a challenge for myself. I have never made a card set before let alone a box like this. So I can say I am pleased as punch!

The box was made using the same card as the paler brown cards, I used Kelly Panacci paper to cover the front so it matches and I also attached ribbon on the back so that it can be tied at the front.


Well I seem to be doing fine so far, but the patches are not staying on. I am having to use plasters to keep the damn things on my arm.

Don't get me wrong - I still want a ciggy - especially after I have something to eat or have a brew. Its more a habit thing. In the morning instead of coming downstairs and having a brew and a ciggy I stay upstairs and make sure the kids are washed and dressed, make the beds then come down.

Yesterday I went out instead of staying in and spent 3 hours just wondering around and I have to say I bought some Christmas Presents (yes I know its only September). So I kept myself busy and spent a little bit of money (which always makes me happy).

And for the rest of the day seeing that the kids are at school and its only 10.50am I might, just might finish making the Chocolate & Pink card and hopefully a folder to put them in.


My first Cuttlebug card. I know its not the best card in the world but when I got down to making it, my mind went a complete blank. I have a great new TOY to play with and zippo went my mojo.
I used a silver gel pen to highlight the snowman and also the word Frosty and used 3d foam pads to raise them a little from the card.

I used my Cuttlebug, Snowflakes embossing folder, Sledding embossing folder and the Winter Jelly embossing folder, and the card is White Pearl from LCS.


Well thats what hubby said the brown and pink one reminded him of. And I think the pale brown and green reminds me of Chocolate Limes. Yummy!

I was sat the other night with my dining room table covered in stuff trying to think of a set of cards to make and came up with these. I still have another chocolate and pink one to do and then I have a set. Then hopefully I will be able to make a holder for them to sit in.

I decoupaged the paper and raised it using 3d foam pads and the tags where printed on the computer and cut out.

Papers are by Kelly Panacci, Brown Card and Ribbons - LCS
Green Bazzill Card - Capture The Magic
Anna Griffin - Chocolate and Green Inks for the edges and tags
Making Memories Eyelets - Lakeland

Sunday, 23 September 2007


Is going to be a BIG DAY for me!

1. Avie starts school full time tomorrow. She is so looking forward to taking her packed lunch and seeing the rest of her nursery friends who she hasn't seen since the beginning of the summer holidays. I am looking forward to it, but its going to be strange not having my little munchkin around the house asking me to play with her, watch Dora with her or make her something to eat. She has grown up so fast - where have the last 4 and a half years gone????????
Talking about where have the years gone - I also have a meeting to attend at main school tomorrow night regarding high school choices for Caitlyn. My god she is 9 and a half and I don't want to start thinking about that yet (maybe my problem is I don't want her to grow up).

I have got some patches and I have 3 ciggies left in my packet to smoke before I go to bed. Dad if you read this I have pinched your patches (I know you wont be mad because you want me to stop). Today when I got up my chest felt sooooooo tight and I have had a tickly cough for most of the day - so I really decided today would be my last day of smoking. So tomorrow I wont do my usual thing of going to my neighbours for a brew after i drop the kids off at school - I am going to finish my very large pile of ironing that I did try to tackle today but never really seemed to make a dent in it :( So I am going to keep my self ultra busy tomorrow. I might also get some cards made!

So if anyone happens to read this feel free to leave me words of wisdom and encouragement. Because I think I will need it :)

Saturday, 22 September 2007


I managed to get a photo of Caitlyn today while she was in the back garden. She usually likes her photo being taken - but not today! It was WAY to bright for her.

I thought I would add a photo of my 2 boys Shep & Joe my Border Collies. Shep is the one on the left and he is the father of Joe. Shep is 21 months old and Joe is 7 months.
Been a very quiet day today not really done much. Managed to get to my LCS and bought some new blades, some glue and some ribbon.

Friday, 21 September 2007


Hubby Ordered these for me!!


I have just attacked the postie :) I have been waiting all week for these to arrive. I am sooooo glad the wait is over. My embossing folders and dies for my Cuttlebug are here YIPPEEEEE!!

I ordered embossing folders:
D'vine Swirl
Spots & Dots
Winter Jelly
and also Funky Circle Frame Die and Paisley dies.

The papers are by Collage Press - Sugar Plum series.
Paisley Sugar Plum and Star Bursts Sugar Plum. The colours are lush!


Post It Notes

These are so fun and quick to make. I caged the idea for them on (wonderful, amazing stuff on her blog). Such a fab gift idea!!!! I have only done basic stuff on them but they are great little things and so handy to have around the house. My hubby Paul has taken one into work for a lass in the office to try out and make sure it doesnt fall apart!!!!

I used MAMBI Chester papers on the small one, Bazzill Card Stock, Crossgrain Ribbon and a small flip flop charm (pinched from my daughters charm bracelet)

The Green & Blue one - used Swirly Doodles and Denim Daisies paper by Kelly Panacci, Bazzill Cardstock on the insides, Green Satin Ribbon and I also put a strip of ribbon on the inside so that the back of the post its slips over and stays in place.

Black & White - I used DCWV papers on the cover and added a small amount of cerise glitter, Bazzill Cardstock again for the inside and Cerise Pink ribbon again to hold the Post It in place.

On the other green one I used Kelly Panacci Swirly Doodles and added some glitter to the swirls, Bazzill again and some Turquoise ribbon on the inside to hold the Post It in place.

The Post Its were bought from Tesco - sorry they are called Sticky Notes at Tesco. Same thing though!


Seems ages since I last posted anything - but I have been feeling pretty yuk for the past few days - light headedness with dizziness chucked in for good measure. But got up today feeling great.

I have just been and taken the little one to school (these afternoons classes are silly) - so I have a few hours to do a bit of catch up. Have managed to get some crafting done though - so I couldnt have been that icky!

Monday, 17 September 2007


Here is Avie taking a photo of me with her Barbie Camera. She just loves going round clicking away - even though its just a toy one. I had to trick her so I could get a photo of her without her camera stuck to her face. I might talk to hubby about getting her a small digi one for crimbo.

I also had a phonecall from the school this moring at 10.50am to say that Caitlyn had been sick. She is at home now and seems alright - she is sat in the front room curled up on the sofa watching some telly (cant be too ill!!!!!).



Was looking around the web yesterday and came across Triangle Trifold Cards! They are so simple to make - I even surprised myself. I found a link to the Splitcoast Stampers site and just followed the tutorial.

I used Bazzill as my base card and the papers are from my LCS, they are double sided and don't have a makers name on (so if you know please tell me). The flower and brad are Papermania and the ribbon is from my local market. Even my eldest daughter Caitlyn said she would like to have a go at making one of these.

Saturday, 15 September 2007


Having problems with computer since loading 'WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER' - I dont want it, I dont need it - I am happy to stay with Messenger 7.5!!!!!

System restore worked but for how long!

Not too bad a rant - but still not happy:(

Oh yeah before I forget I HAVE A CUTTLEBUG, I HAVE A CUTTLEBUG:) Bought one today and I cant wait to have a play - so hopefully I will post some cards later!

Thursday, 13 September 2007


I was having a really good look at 100's of craftyblogs the other night when I came across and WOW WOW WOW was all I kept saying. Her cards are amazing.

There were some criss cross cards with a link to a tutorial at , so off I went and had a go. I know its not the best card in the world but then again it was my first go. I used up bits of scrap papers I had in a box (dont know who made them????) and some Bazzill card. I punched holes through the flower paper and added some eyelets. The flowers on the band are from Papermania.

I will definately have another go - when I finally get round to ordering some new scrummy papers, and also do something with the pull out insert apart from blank card.

Monday, 10 September 2007


Caitlyn just had to be in the picture!

Well two and a half hours of it!

My little Avie started school this morning and was she on a high. She bounced out of bed at 7 and ran into her sisters room singing 'Caitlyn get up I'm going to Reception' - it really did put a smile on my face.

We got to the school at 8.50am (10 minutes early) and she started playing with her friends (Zoe being the main one) from the nursery. When it was time to go in they all went and found their pegs and then had to go and self register themselves in. As soon a Avie had done this off she was playing with the Playdoh. Not a tear in sight from either of us!!!

When I picked her up at 11.30 she came out with a big smile on her face telling me how much she enjoyed it and that she cant wait till tomorrow. Have to say as soon as we got home the uniform was straight in the wash as she was covered in little red splashes from painting.

So all in all it was a good morning for both of us - so lets hope it carries on and we have no problems.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

21st Card

Well I managed to get the card done and finished today. Keep looking at it and I am still unsure of it. The colours are great but I still think there is something not right! But I am not starting another card now - its her birthday tomorrow - and I really dont have the time to do it tonight - loads to do (ironing arrggghhhhh). So fingers crossed she will like it anyway!

The papers I used were Die Cuts With A View adhesive prints, used my Quickutz and some satin ribbon. I printed the 21 directly onto the paper and then cut it out.


Avie was invited to Nathans 5th Birthday Party yesterday (Saturday) and the theme was Pirates.

All the kids were dressed up (a few as Captain Jack Sparrow) and they all looked great. You will have to forgive me but I didn't take my camera (no change for me then). I managed to get some of Avie before she left and I thought she looked so cute.

The sword by the way was a last minute thing (trust me). I found last years Halloween Scythe which was promptly cut down. I changed the handle on it with a bit of double sided sticky tape and some gold and brown ribbon, the result wasn't too bad - in other words it lasted the party and never fell apart.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007


My dad rang me today (PHEW) at 3.15pm (10.15pm Singapore time) to say that he arrived safe and well in Singapore. I was really glad to hear from him as it was yesterday when he went. Caitlyn was a bit miffed that she never got to speak to him but he said he would ring on Sunday - so that cheered her up!
Well I can't sit around here all night - I have been trying to make a 21st birthday card for the young girl who works at our corner shop - but inspiration has eluded me! No that's wrong - I know what I want to do but its having the 'get it done' urge that's eluding me.


I made this card ages ago and I still like it.
Its just a very basic hello card but I just love the colours - they worked really well together.

I actually used my Quickutz for once. I used it for the flower, circles and the letters. But it hasnt been used for a few months now so maybe after posting this I will gather up my mojo and get kutting again!



This is Caitlyn's new lunch bag which I think is soooo cool! I got it from Adams in the SALE ages ago thinking that she would never use it, but she had enough of school dinners in year 4 that she wanted to go onto a pack lunch this year.

Sue if you read this, sorry but they only had the one or I would have bought and sent you one to live with the herd!!!!


Thats the name for the little fellow who spun this web the other day. I knocked the bush that its attached to and off he went. So keep a eye on this space, as I might just catch him waiting for his lunch.
My kiddies keep away from webs and stuff as they really don't like bugs!!!! Eldest doesnt like spiders and the little one hates flies, wasps, bees and she isnt that keen on butterflies (she really freaks out).

Tuesday, 4 September 2007



My eldest daughter Caitlyn was off to school this morning with a face as long as her arm. She wasn't too happy about going back - but as I said to her TUFF! When she got home though she said her new teacher was OK and it was great to see her mates again. I was just glad her day turned out better than she thought it would.
My youngest Avie doesn't start until next week, and then she is only there for the morning sessions, the week after that afternoons, then she starts on the 26th September FULL TIME - I am not counting the days, hours or minutes YET!!!

Well today also seen me waving my dad off on his jollies. The lucky so and so is off to Singapore for 4 weeks. As I am typing this he should be in the air now. The first leg of the flight is 7.5 hours to Dubai with a stop over of a couple of hours then another 7.5 hours to Singapore. Hope he copes well without a ciggy!!!!! He said he would ring me tomorrow when he gets there, so hopefully I will get a call about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I will miss him loads, he comes and sees me and the kids nearly every day when he can. But its the kids, they adore him and my eldest is not looking forward to 4 weeks without seeing him. If you get chance to read this dad the kids, me & Paul send our love and have a fab time and also say hi to Catherine and Derek.

Monday, 3 September 2007


I made this card for my bestest friend Linda for her birthday which was on the 26th August (she was 34 - sshhh dont tell her I told you). Each page had a different saying on it that I printed off the computer and also primas, brads and ribbons. But sadly this is the only photo that I took of it and its not that good. The colours I used were so yummy - Chocolate and Pink - which happen to be her favourite colours at the mo! And I have to say she was over the moon with it.

New Home

Been having a little play about making some new home cards. The idea for them was in Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine this month - issue 44 October. I don't think they turned out too bad even though Jack could have built them better lol!
Paul my hubby thinks they are OK, but my daughters as usual, think they are brill - and thats fine with me.



Well what a difference from yesterday. It is lovely and sunny here with a nice cool breeze. I managed to get my grass cut and also done 3 washings which are drying nicely outside.

Been also having a play about with ribbons and trying to be very artistic with the camera. Black and White seems to be the in thing for me at the mo - probably way behind the times - but hey ho! Got these ribbons the other day from the market and I think they are sooooo lovely. But when I came to find a white button, not one to be found in the house apart from ones on shirts and blouses - and then I had already pinched the spare ones off them ages ago. I then found this very pale pink one, in amongst my pink buttons bag and i think you cant tell the difference (phew).

Well my eldest starts back at school tomorrow (yipppeeeee) no I dont mean it (YES I DO) 6 weeks are a long 6 weeks. It has been great having her at home but it also has been hard work. She is going into year 5 and I think she is looking forward to it. She has been a bit upset as 4 of her friends (all boys I might add) are leaving to go to different schools. So I think she is planning to keep in touch with them.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Been Making


Been making cards tonight to enter into The Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine Cardmaker of the Year competition. I have never entered stuff before - so I thought 'Hey' give it a shot! Been doing ok so far but needed a break from the ribbons which are tangled on my table, and bits of paper everywhere!

Well today held no big surprises - all it did was rain!! Sob Sob. Had plans to cut the grass and hedges today but that idea fell through. My youngest was at a party today 12 - 2.30pm at Wacky Warehouse and the poor thing got soaked going and then coming home. I just wish now I had taken a photo of her, she had got her face painted and as you can imagine - rain and face paints don't mix too well. She ended up with pink paint down her face, but she had a great time.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

First time for everything

Here I am on a Saturday night, no hubby as he is at work and no kids - they are helping me stay sane by staying at their grandads tonight. So..... sat here thinking what to do after I had been looking at loads of blogs and I thought 'I CAN DO THAT' so here I am sat in the dark typing away. You will have to be oh sooooooo patient for anything to be added as computer stuff isn't my forte.

I gave up card making a few months ago as I lost my mojo big style!!! I was about to sell all my stuff when Paul (my hubby) sat me down and told me I was a fool. Leave it a few months he said and then give it another try. So I did! And what do you know my mojo came running back with its tail between its legs, and I have started making cards again - a bit slowly at the moment but I am really enjoying it.