Monday, 1 October 2007


I can't believe its Monday already, and I am nearly ready to go to bed and its only 10pm.

This is really just a quickie to let you all know that I have now managed a week without the ciggies (it has been SO hard to do). Still using the patches and they are now staying on my arm, but my appetite has increased so I have been sucking on mints and eating apples.

Also I will be taking Avie to the doctors tomorrow night (Tuesday) for her Flu injection as she suffers from Asthma - I hope she will be alright. And the poor thing got a letter today from the doctors surgery to say she has to go on the 10th October for her HIB booster injection. Poor thing will feel like a pin cushion.

I managed to make a card tonight after the kids went to bed - but the lighting is rubbish at the moment so I will grab a photo tomorrow. And tomorrow is the day when my Dad gets back from Singapore - I cant believe that its been a month already.

So night night all xx