Monday, 28 January 2008



My eldest daughter has 2 rats which she keeps in her bedroom (which i wish she wouldn't), well anyway this morning we all get up at 7am and Caitlyn goes to get washed. I go into her room to get her uniform out for her and there is only 1 rat in the cage. Well panic set in. The kids were running about making as much noise as possible (wrong thing to do) trying to find the rat. So i closed her bedroom door and said to leave the room for a while and get some breakfast then have a look for her. So at 7.30 this morning Caitlyn is sat in the middle of her floor with a piece of ham in her hand trying to tempt the poor lost thing out from where ever she was hiding. Next we heard a bit of scratching in her chest of draws - lo and behold there was Whiskers (her name) sat underneath the bottom draw. When I went to grab her she ran down the side of the bed where it is like a no mans land 'rubbish galore'. So I rang my neighbour (now its 8.05) who likes fishing, to borrow one of his nets. AND IT WORKED - I managed to snag the little **** and get her back into the cage.

Have to say it was quite funny - but then I was like, what would have happened if one of the dogs got her, or she managed to get one of the windows. The kids were delighted to have her back safe and sound and so was I.


I made this card tonight - as once again hubby is sat on the playstation playing Tomb Raider. Well I don't really mind as there is never any thing on the telly.

I printed it off on my computer and decoupaged the little bug then added some colour. Really quick to do and basic (just the way I like to do them)