Tuesday, 4 September 2007



My eldest daughter Caitlyn was off to school this morning with a face as long as her arm. She wasn't too happy about going back - but as I said to her TUFF! When she got home though she said her new teacher was OK and it was great to see her mates again. I was just glad her day turned out better than she thought it would.
My youngest Avie doesn't start until next week, and then she is only there for the morning sessions, the week after that afternoons, then she starts on the 26th September FULL TIME - I am not counting the days, hours or minutes YET!!!

Well today also seen me waving my dad off on his jollies. The lucky so and so is off to Singapore for 4 weeks. As I am typing this he should be in the air now. The first leg of the flight is 7.5 hours to Dubai with a stop over of a couple of hours then another 7.5 hours to Singapore. Hope he copes well without a ciggy!!!!! He said he would ring me tomorrow when he gets there, so hopefully I will get a call about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I will miss him loads, he comes and sees me and the kids nearly every day when he can. But its the kids, they adore him and my eldest is not looking forward to 4 weeks without seeing him. If you get chance to read this dad the kids, me & Paul send our love and have a fab time and also say hi to Catherine and Derek.