Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Introducing 'MAVIS' The Mouse??

They are so addictive to make and this is actually the 3rd one that I made yesterday. The first mouse that I made (that daughter pinched) has now been given to a friend - so last night whilst it was quiet in the house I made this little lady.

She is smaller than Fred & Elsie (other mouse) - I cut the squares of felt to 9cm this time but I made the ears slightly bigger. The only thing is i wish I had set the eyes a little more to the tip of the nose - but I think she is still cute.

So hopefully today (if it stops raining) I am going to the market to try and get some bits of different material and some more felt. Then probably later I will raid my jeans draw and see what i can cut up :).

Please click here for some fabby pics of loads of chickens :). - Thanks for the link Fryne :)