Thursday, 24 January 2008



I haven't done any for ages and ages. But I was messing around on photoshop and thought I would scrap some stuff. I do have to apologise though as I have no idea who created the paper or any of the embellishments. So if anyone knows please tell me so I can credit the lovely people.

This one I must of started ages ago, reason being the kids are younger in the piccies. So I finished it off (but i might tweak it a little later). I do love using Black & White pictures when I digi scrap as I think it looks classy.

Both the pages are 6in x 6in, so when I finally get some decent ink and photo paper for my printer, they will fit nicely on a A4 sheet.

Seeing that I have done these I might start on the other 300 odd photos I have stored on my computer and get some more layouts completed. (BUT I WON'T HOLD MY BREATH ON THAT).


I am on a card making streak.

I made some more cards last night which brings my total up to 17. I can't remember the last time I made so many cards. I have had a great time making them.

I have now bagged them up ready to be sold. My dad has said he will buy 4 off me and hopefully the rest will go with my best mate to her work and see if she can sell some for me.


Went to the doctors yesterday about my knee. He gave me information sheets about Osteoarthritis Of The Knee and also prescribed me Dicloflex to help with inflammation and pain. He has also told me to exercise my Quadriceps Muscles at the front of my thigh.
If it doesn't get any better, he said that i would have to make an appointment to see the physiotherapist. So fingers crossed doing the exercises will help the problem.