Monday, 30 January 2012

OMG!!! A Card

Eeek.... I made a card! Ok it was during the Christmas holidays and the kids wanted to do some crafting. So out came stamps, card, glue etc and we had a blast making stuff. I stamped loads of images so the kids could colour them in and my youngest made some little cards for her friends. I had had these baby stamps (forever friends) for ever and never used them. So initially all I planned to do was stamp them for the kids and let them do stuff with them. But I thought I would make a card.
Bear in mind I haven't made a card in over 2 years and I certainly can say my mojo had left my creative side of my brain. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed making this card but I was so out of my comfort zone (not a computer in sight) that I have seemed to have gone back to when I started making cards - ie. keeping it simple.

The shading on the clothes was just done with normal pencils and for the clouds I used some of the filling I use when making my Stuffed Stray Socks.

I am thinking that one day maybe I will get my card making 'stuff' out and get into making cards again. I do hope it will happen soon as I'm enjoying being creative again whether its Stray Sock Sewing, Baking or Card Making.