Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Just thought I would pop on to let you know I am still about - but not managing to make anything as I am working some serious hours (50 hours last week).

I am so missing not being able to get my crafting head on and getting covered in glue etc - but the free time I have is for catching up with the housework and the dreaded ironing. I am also missing the kids (BIG TIME). I get to see them in the morning before school and then i don't see them again until the next day.

Paul is still at home so he is managing to deal with the kids (gives him something to do) - but he is getting sooo bored at being stuck in the house. He went to the hospital last Monday and had his cast taken off, and then they gave him a new one! This one will have to stay on for 3 weeks and then he may get another one for 2 weeks depending on whether the tendon is healing properly.

So getting off now as I really need to get to bed. Hope to catch up with you all real soon.

Hugs Donna