Sunday, 30 March 2008


It has been great reading all the lovely comments that you have all left - that I decided to draw 2 names.

The second name out of the jar will win a selection of card, paper, ribbons and papermania 3D stickers.

So all the names were put in a jar and I got the kids to pull out 2 names.

And the first out, picked by Caitlyn was...

And the second name to be drawn by Avie, was...

Can you both please email me your snail mail addresses and I will get your candy off to you asap! (my email is in my profile).

Thank You to everyone for visiting my blog. Its great to know i'm not talking to myself ;o)


We had a lazy morning as the kids were at my dads - and did a bit of shopping before going to pick them up. We got to my dads about 12ish and sat down to have a cuppa when the door goes and this bloke asks who the car belongs to that is parked outside. He had only reversed into it!!! Gutted to say the least! The drivers door is bashed in and the worst bit is right at the lock so you can't open the drivers door. Have to say he could have drove off and we wouldn't have known - but he came to the door and he exchanged his details.
So yesterday afternoon my hubby spent over 2 hours on the phone to our insurance company trying to sort stuff out. We have been told that the accident repair place are coming to pick ours up tomorrow and drop off a hire car, but they cant tell us how long it will take as they are a bit snowed under with work.