Sunday, 19 February 2012


Had a few days off from making stuff and decided to have a few days out & about with the kids.

On Wednesday we went to Leighton Moss RSPB reserve. Only a half hour drive away but worth it. Such a peaceful place and great birdwatching. We ended up joining the RSPB as we enjoyed it that much. I didn't seem to get any photos of any birds apart from the ducks but the kids and Anthony got some great shots. I have to say I love this shot I got looking across one of the lakes.

On Friday we went to the Manchester Science & Industry Museum. We had a great time and the kids enjoyed it. Have to say this is my favourite shot of the day of Caitlyn. The end of the day was spent at the Trafford Centre where we had our dinner and the only shopping bought was Gummy Bears, a few boxes of Nerds and Reeses sweets. The nerds were so expensive and I'm sure when I was younger I didn't spend £2.49 a box and that was with 20% off - but they were nice.

Today, after having a very lazy morning we went for a drive to Williamson Park in Lancaster. It was mine and Anthonys first time up there and we were amazed with the views from the Ashton Memorial. Its sad to think I have lived in the area for nearly 36 years and its my first time there.

Caitlyn took this photo of me, Anthony and Avie and I love it. We didnt know she was taking the picture and there were a few more but this one is my favourite.

This photo was taken on Monday looking from the Stone Jetty to Morecambe Sea Front. We dragged the kids and the dogs out for a walk as it was such a lovely day but very very cold. The tall structure in the middle of the photo is The Polo Tower left over from Morecambe Pleasure Beach. The fairground shut many years ago but the structure is still there as the council decided to let mobile companies use it as a mobile phone mast (sad).