Friday, 22 February 2008


BEFORE - very pink (well the cover) notebook from TESCO.
This book holds a list of all my fav blogs, quotes, sketches, doodles etc.

And the finished product!

I started this today - as in cutting the paper for it and that was it - but finally finished tonight.

Couldnt decide what to put on the cover and then the flowers that I got in my prize stash came to mind! I also used some paper twine that I got from IKEA ages ago and threaded it through the flowers and the buttons.

I have added an envelope on the inside to store bits and bobs (more bits than bobs as its not that big) and covered it in paper and inked the edges like I have done with the front cover. The back cover is in the same paper.

I am really happy with this because its for me and nobody else! The only problem I had was after I stuck the paper on the front I realised that I covered the holes and I had to sit and cut out each one (quite annoying it was). But I'm happy now!!!



Ok!! Still a few spots of brown but at least its not ALL brown.

I have never tried the acetate (still havent as i didnt have any - used some Plasma instead) thing on a card, and I have seen some lovely ones out there in blogland that I just had to have a go!

The plasma wasnt too thick, just thick enough for the card! I did use glue to attach it but it came off so I re-attached it again so fingers crossed thats it!

The Hi bit was done on my comp then printed out, then I used my circle punch to 'punch' it out. I added a brad just to give it something - It just seemed a bit flat if you know what I mean!

Going to be nipping up the street in about 10 minutes to see my friends daughter - it was her birthday on wednesday but she is getting her 'present' tonight. Its a Pink Limo!!! The thing is its blowing a gale outside and raining and I so wanted to get some good pics - will have to wait and see.

They have hired it for 2 hours and its just going to drive round. She is sooo looking forward to it - she is mad on anything pink! Just added the pics - birthday girl in pink, my little one in the blue jacket and my eldest is in the background the other girl is the eldest sister of the girl in pink. They drove round the block so my kids to get to be in it.