Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Well not that much, but I couldn't help but make these two little hangers for crimbo.

I made the little Penguin on Monday and I managed to finish off the little snowman today (day off).

I got the shapes for them out of a book called 'CHRISTMAS THINGS TO STITCH & SEW' by Usborne Activities. I bought the book for the kids to have a go at making some stuff - but up to now its just me making.

I spent an obscene amount of time this morning doing my ironing (3 HOURS - gasp) that i needed some little old me time. Hopefully tonight I will get round to visiting the blogging world and catch up with everyone.

Sorry its a short post but I really need to get the kids dinners ready as they will be home in an hour.


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

IT'S ME!!!

I'm so sorry for the long absence but I seem to have been doing lots of hours at work and everything has taken a back seat. I have sort of been told that I am going to be kept on until January then I will have to see if they are going to take me on permanently.

Hubby went back to work yesterday - so strange him not being at home. They are having him doing light duties this week just to make sure he is alright. And, because he is back at work I have new hours now at work - so it gives me days to myself. So instead of starting at 3pm till 11pm, I am starting later at 5pm - which will be great as I will get to see the kids. The only thing is I will be working weekends from now on either an 8am start or 9am till 4.30pm.

Guess What???????

I managed to actually make a little something the other night. I had doodled this little robin ages ago ready to make him but never got the chance. But finally had a little go.
Sorry for the dull photo - the light here today is naff!

And last night my eldest made this little cutie - she copied my robin and I think she did great. It is attached to a card but my youngest got hold of it and it now has black fingerprints on the edges - so I did a close up.

Going to get off and get the kids dinner ready for them coming in from school - I'm working tonight and still have loads of things to do.

Catch you later!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Just thought I would pop on to let you know I am still about - but not managing to make anything as I am working some serious hours (50 hours last week).

I am so missing not being able to get my crafting head on and getting covered in glue etc - but the free time I have is for catching up with the housework and the dreaded ironing. I am also missing the kids (BIG TIME). I get to see them in the morning before school and then i don't see them again until the next day.

Paul is still at home so he is managing to deal with the kids (gives him something to do) - but he is getting sooo bored at being stuck in the house. He went to the hospital last Monday and had his cast taken off, and then they gave him a new one! This one will have to stay on for 3 weeks and then he may get another one for 2 weeks depending on whether the tendon is healing properly.

So getting off now as I really need to get to bed. Hope to catch up with you all real soon.

Hugs Donna

Thursday, 4 September 2008


OK - it's only temporary- at least 8 weeks - but its come at a good time.
I started at TESCO on Tuesday after having an interview on the Monday (best interview ever!)
I'm really enjoying it. The people I work with are brill and its a great atmosphere. I've only done 2 shifts so far - both being 3pm - 11.15pm - but its great even though I was soooo tired at the end of Tuesday night. Just not used to working :)

On Saturday hubby ruptured his Achilles tendon playing badminton and he will be off work for up to 10 weeks. He was kept in hospital for 2 days while they decided whether to operate or not. In the end they decided to put him in a cast - so he now has a cast from his toes to his knee and he will have it replaced in 4 weeks so they can set his foot at a different angle. Have too say he is sooooo bored!!!!!

So thought I would update you on what I was up to and hopefully I willl be able to catch up with all your blogs - I am really missing not being able to check up on everyone.

Catch you all later X

Tuesday, 26 August 2008



Finally finished him this evening - with even a smile from hubby.
I have had the shapes cut out for a few weeks and decided that I would get him finished.

And I just love him :) He is just 'sew' cute!

Sorry for the naff pictures but I just cant seem to get my camera settings right - will have to have a little play with the camera to see what I have changed.
Sorry for not catching up with your blogs, but been majorly busy this past week or so - and with loads more stuff to do.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

BAA BAA B.......

Introducing Ewan The Sheep

I finished him last night as I got a little bored with ironing etc. He didn't take long to make and I just love the blank expression on his face. Have to say my daughters want him but i have decided to keep him for myself :)

When I came to do his eyes, I didn't have a pair of buttons that were the same. I have over a 100 brown buttons and couldn't find 2 matching ones. So, I had to resort to 2 grey ones - but i think they work pretty well.

These are small key rings that I have started to make for my friends who are having babies.
I found out today (yippee) that my dear friend Helen is having a little girl in December which is great news, as the other pregnancies are all boys. The sad part was that she told me at her dads funeral. He died last Monday of cancer and his funeral was today - so he wont get to see his grand-daughter which is just so sad.

I have been a little busy this weekend as well, doing some new designs for CocoCards which hopefully will be added to the website soon (if they are ok'd).

Catch you all later x

Friday, 15 August 2008


My dear blogging friend Charlene ( willow and paisley ) sent me a gorgeous package of scrumptiousness all the way from Canada. I couldnt believe how much yummy stuff she managed to cram into the package. All of it is by Papertrey - check it out here

Gorgeous rainbow coloured ribbons (droolicious)

Gorgeous patterned papers (drool)

Co-ordinating card stock - beautiful quality and colours

Some lovely stamped images with loads of dew drops (hope thats what they are called) and some gorgeous pearlised embossed flowers.

And this cute little card - she did post it on her blog but its so great to have it in my hands.

So Charlene thankyou so much hun for a wonderful parcel - your generosity has overwhelmed me - and I really cant wait to get stuck into the goodies.

Sorry for the lack of posts this week but I have been a bit busy doing some new designs for cococards .

Monday, 11 August 2008

PINK ELEPHANTS -photos added

Such a busy weekend - I managed to catch up with everything I needed too at last. That ironing pile sure grows quickly in this house :)

On to tonight -
I made 2 pink elephants (smile on my face) - one of which is a keyring and I am really happy with the way they turned out. Just taken a few photos and my camera died on me arghhhh. So I can't upload the pictures.

I made the large one first (13cm high x 16cm wide)- very basic shape (in other words easy) - and I think its cute :) - hubby thinks I should make them as presents for friends who are pregnant or make some for the school fayre etc.

The little keyring, I made to see if i could downsize from the larger size and it worked. It measures 5.5cm high x 7cm wide. I bought 5 keyrings from my local market on saturday and i have been determined to make something to attach to them, and the elephant worked a charm.

So watch this space as I will upload the piccies tomorrow when my batteries are charged. :)

Thursday, 7 August 2008


Meet 'Barney The Owl'.

This little addition will probably be the last one this week as I have so much stuff to catch up on. I have been so engrossed in making these little critters that my housework has been sat on the back burner - so tomorrow I will be catching up big style!

I bought this little bit of material (6in x 20in) the other day for 50p and I knew that i would at least make a little owl or two from it. The back of Barney is made from Dark Brown felt that I also bought the other day.

I attached the bits for his face then started sewing and attached one of his wings - then as I got to the other side I attached his other wing without really taking notice of the position (I'm a fool) and realised after i had turned him inside out, that it was higher than the other one. So as you can see one wing is sort of at an angle and the other is attached straight. I have now learnt my lesson for the day - PAY ATTENTION to the details! :*)

Some of the kids on the street now want me to make them some - but I have declined - well to be honest i am enjoying making them for myself! :) :)

Tonight whilst hubby was on the computer looking at House Insurance I made myself a little pincushion to pass away the boredom - I think it looks cute - but hubby thinks its strange!!??? I will remember to get a photo of it soon and stick it on here - you have to promise not to laugh though! :)

Before I get off for the night here is the little mouse that Caitlyn my eldest made. I think she did a brilliant job as it was her first attempt. I helped her a little but she managed to do about 95% of it.

She chose the colours herself - bright pink and bright orange and it is BRIGHT! I cut out the shapes for her and she did a small test piece first to make sure her stitching was ok. The tail was last minute or should I say forgotten! She had finished stitching then decided to add a tail so I attached it for her using the button. It kind of looks cute!

And here is a piccy of Caitlyn with her mouse - she is so proud of what she achieved.

So getting off now - so catch you all later.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008



I had a little bit of fun making him last night :)

I found a really old pair of jeans that my large butt wouldn't fit in to any more and happily cut into them. Its great as i have loads of denim squares now that means I can make a little family of deranged looking mice!!

I used 2 different sizes and shades of red buttons for the eyes - to give him that 'strange' look. Then after I had finished sewing him I decided to add some teeth - (typical of me wait until the end and then decide to add something extra). I know they aren't the best looking teeth - but they give him charm.
I filled him with rice again as I had nothing else - but whilst I was out today I visited my LCS and bought some Habico Polyester Filling, so at least any new 'family members' will feel squishy and a lot lighter!

I am in the process of losing this one to my eldest Caitlyn as well.

Now Caitlyn also made one last night which for her first attempt was brilliant. I did have to help her a little bit - but she did great. So I will try and post a picture of hers tomorrow.

Going to get off as I have some ideas floating around in this head of mine of more 'things' to make :*)

Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Introducing 'MAVIS' The Mouse??

They are so addictive to make and this is actually the 3rd one that I made yesterday. The first mouse that I made (that daughter pinched) has now been given to a friend - so last night whilst it was quiet in the house I made this little lady.

She is smaller than Fred & Elsie (other mouse) - I cut the squares of felt to 9cm this time but I made the ears slightly bigger. The only thing is i wish I had set the eyes a little more to the tip of the nose - but I think she is still cute.

So hopefully today (if it stops raining) I am going to the market to try and get some bits of different material and some more felt. Then probably later I will raid my jeans draw and see what i can cut up :).

Please click here for some fabby pics of loads of chickens :). - Thanks for the link Fryne :)

Monday, 4 August 2008


This morning when I got up I was determined to make something other than a card.

I found a photo in my Crafts Beautiful September Edition (page 83) which showed some animals made from fabric leftovers. I thought I would give it a try. Now I don't sew (I can, but I'm lazy ;)) and I am really happy with the way 'he' turned out.

So here is the new addition to the family - 'FRED' named by my youngest.

I cut the fabric in to 2, 14cm squares and the the other bits from felt. The eyes weren't on the picture in the magazine but I added them as I think FRED needed them. I used rice to fill him as I didn't have any dried peas or lentils - and he sits perfectly :).

As I really enjoyed making FRED - you will probably get to meet a few more new additions soon.

Saturday, 2 August 2008


Create a Wordle - a little bit of fun!

Sorry but I cant seem to save a decent size image for you to look at, so click on the link above and make one yourself :)

Friday, 1 August 2008


OMG - How long is it since I last posted????

I'm sorry for not being around but I've been a bit busy lately. I have been doing some more stuff for CocoCards - adverts & flyer's etc, but I thought I would have a little play tonight and get some of my card stuff out.

I wanted to come up with some new stuff - but I thought, play it safe and make a card for a family friend who is due a Baby Boy next month. And talking of babies I am going to be an auntie again (whoohoo) as my brother and his wife are expecting a baby boy in December, and also one of my oldest, long time friends and her partner are also due a baby in December, but up to now she doesn't know what she is having. So you may be seeing a few baby cards on here :*)

Back to the card! - You may remember I did this style of card a while ago - but this time I had a little play and made it accordion style. Its such a dinky card as it only measures 10cm high and 7.5cm wide.

I used a rubber on the end of a pencil to make the white dots, then I went over them with a sky blue colour. I made the little boat out of scraps and dabbed a bit of ink over it then used 3d foam pads to give it lift. I also used 2in circle punch to make the neck and leg holes, then used a scallop punch to make the 'lace' parts.

The inside poem was printed on my computer then cut out. It was a bit tricky to do but I got there in the end - have to say though I could have been a bit neater with my cutting. I don't know where the poem came from or who wrote it (sure I found it on the web ages ago) but I thought it was cute and it had 3 verses which fit perfectly with the pages of the card.

Hope you are all doing fine and I will hopefully, this weekend catch up with everyone's blogs.

Sunday, 13 July 2008


At what I have been upto recently.

Click here and you can see the new website. It went live at midnight last night.

Most of the designs on the site were created by my buddy Claire, who I worked with for quite a few years at our towns local paper.
My main thing for COCOCARDS was designing Mummy Cards. I also managed to do some birthday invites, christening, baby naming and also some birth announcements.

The main aim of COCOCARDS is creating Personalised Photo Cards.

Let me know what you think!

Saturday, 12 July 2008


Cards with a certain a-Peel (off)

You can blame Keryn with her rather lovely cool colours dare last week (great cards all BTW!) for the inspiration for this week. I found that I needed to use a peel off and was quite pleased with the results and that got me thinking of a fiendish dare. At least it is for me (Lythan) who is often disparaging of the much maligned shiny sticker. But actually there are some really nice examples of the genre around now. And also people who can do all sorts of gorgeous things with peel off stickers that I would not have thought of. Are you one of them?
So go on, rummage around in your craft stash and Make a card with Peel Offs.

If you really truly honestly don't have any peel offs in the house (and remember I know where you live and will be checking personally) then and only then, are you allowed to use another type of sticker in its place. Go on, I dare you!

WILL THIS COUNT???? As I don't own any peel-offs!

Well I have to say I cheated with this one ;) This is one of the very first cards I made when I started making cards about 4 years ago. Its the only one that I kept, because I couldnt bare to part with it (sad I know)!

Sorry about the state of the photos but taken tonight - with really bad lighting.

Monday, 7 July 2008


I'm back - well for tonight I am.

Just to let you all know I am fine (thanks for the emails) and been a little bit busy. I have missed making 'cards & stuff' that today I finally managed to make a couple of things for a friends birthday that is soon. I can only show sneeky peeks as she does visit my blog and i dont want to give it all away. :)

I just love these papers by K&Co and I also used my trusty Bind-It-All (again I hear you sigh!) LOL!

The first 2 pictures are of the Birthday Book. I used my new American Crafts Thickers kindly brought back from Singapore by my wonderful dad. They are fab!!!! And now I need more :)

I used my Studio G Alphabet Stamps (brilliant invention!) to do the months inside.

This is the Triangle Trifold Card that I made to match the book. I am sorry for the poor pictures but I cant show any more - lol!!!

Keep popping by - you never know when I will make something again :)

Thought I would share a link to show you what i have been up to cococards . The cards shown are by my good friend Claire (fabby designer) and when the site is up and running you can see what i have been upto. Please dont get too excited as my work is no where as good as Claires.

Friday, 20 June 2008


I'm still around - and managed to have a lookie on some peeps blogs tonight! You have all been so busy - it will take me hours just to catch up with you all.

Not been into crafting at the mo - still doing some design stuff though - which I will be able to tell you about soon. Nothing major (just wait to you see the work my friend has done - puts mine in the shade), but nice to be able to 'put' stuff together on the computer and not have to pull all my crafting stuff out and put it all away again at the end of the night.

I have been a little busy these past few days. We are laying a new path at the side of the house (finally). So the hardwork really started on Wednesday and Thursday as we shifted at least 4 tonne of tarmac, soil and rubble. Then today we had 2 tonne of hardcore delivered - and it was back breaking work having to move it all (ok i admit - hubby moved at least 3/4 of it) but still it was hard work. So hopefully tomorrow if the weather stays nice (fingers crossed) - we can start laying the paving slabs (60 of them).

So please bare with me - hopefully i will get my paper crafting head back on and finally make something soon.

Thanks for visiting - hugs to you all!

Donna x

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Just to let you all know that I am still about and also to apologize for my absence. I have some 'stuff' that is keeping me from paper crafting at the moment...
..but hopefully I will be able to share with you soon what I have been up to.

So thank you for still visiting and the lovely emails, and hopefully soon, I will get 'papercrafting' again.

Hugs to you all!

Thursday, 22 May 2008


Sorry I'm a bad blogger at the mo - but been a tad busy these past few days.

Yesterday I was at a funeral of an old colleague and friend who I worked with at the local newspaper. She was such a lovely, bubbly lady and to be taken at the age of 53 just doesn't seem right! The funeral yesterday was very reminiscent of my mums nearly 6 years ago (my mum was only 52 when cancer took her from us) so as you can understand I found it very hard. But, I also got to meet up with quite a few work colleagues who I haven't seen for a few years now - and it was lovely to do a bit of catch up (even under the certain circumstances).

On A Lighter Note...
Here is a LITTLE ADDRESS BOOK that I finished on Tuesday to match the birthday book in the previous post. I nipped to my LCS on Monday hoping to get another sheet of the lovely paper that I had used, but I must have got the last sheet on Saturday (sigh) as they didn't have any more. I just had enough left to cover the front and back pages of this, but I have used a different paper for the inside front and back covers.

The paper is by K&Co from LCS (just love their papers at the moment), and, once again used my Bind-It-All. The wires are from Cutting Edge Crafts (great prices, no p&p and excellent delivery).

I stamped the letters using my Studio G Alphabet Stamps. The pages inside were done on my computer. The lovely spotty ribbon is from my dad and the rest from LCS and market.

My hubby has said I should do a few sets of these (ready for Christmas - WHAT!!!!) and he will take them into work as there are a few women who would buy them. CHRISTMAS - I want to have Summer first LOL!!!!

Sunday, 18 May 2008


Finally back - have you missed me???? :)

Sorry i have been away but the problem with my broadband was a loose connection on one of the wires. My friend fixed it for me (thankyou) so here I am.

I have also had no mojo for making anything - well until yesterday that is, when I got this lovely paper from my LCS. I enjoyed making the birthday book last week that I thought I would do another one (I do love the Bind-It-All).

The paper is by K & Co (double sided) and i just love it - only problem is that I used nearly a full 12 x 12 sheet to make this - it just means I will have to get some more ;). I cut a small brown envelope and attached it to the inside front cover so that stamps could be kept. I also used my Studio G Alphabet Stamps.

Inside the 'book', each month has 3 sheets of record cards to put peoples names and birthdays. I attached the pencil using a strip of brown card which was then attached to the back cover using a large Dovecraft Brad.

Some of the ribbons are from Singapore courtesy of my dad and also from my LCS.

So hopefully I will get back to making stuff :) And i suppose a little visit to my LCS tomorrow so I can get some more of the scrummy paper.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Thank you all for the lovely messages - my shoulder is a lot better now! I think the nice hot weather we have been having has helped a lot.

Now the reason I havent been 'blogging' is that my broadband has been playing up - so I have nipped onto my friends just to let you all know I'm still about and OK! I have a friend coming later to have a look at it for me, so fingers crossed all will be well.

Thursday, 8 May 2008


Sorry I haven't been around, but I pulled a muscle in my right shoulder on Tuesday - and I haven't been able to make anything. :( It has been really painful - even trying to use my scalpel has been murder.

But today the pain has eased a bit - I think sitting in the sun has helped (woohoo nice weather at last). I have so much to get done (cards for starters) - but they will have to wait.

So, going to get off as I have started running a nice hot bath with plenty of bubbles. So catch you all later. xxx

Sunday, 4 May 2008


What a very slow day today has been!

Hubby took the eldest out with one of the dogs for a walk to the market today and the youngest stayed in with me, as her asthma hasn't been to good today. The weather has been horrible, and this last hour we have had some heavy rain and some thunder. But the sky seems to be getting lighter now so hopefully no more rain!

So today 'just to do something' I made myself a birthday book using my Bind-It-All. I just love this little machine - best £30.00 I spent. I am so determined to get plenty of use out of it - I better, as my Quickutz and Cuttlebug rarely see the light of day these days. I only ever get them out if i need some letters or embossed backgrounds doing.

Front, back and inside covers were covered in K&Co paper from LCS. I got the ribbons when we went to Florida in 2006.

I used some Record Cards from local stationers and trimmed them down to the size I wanted. The little envelope is for me to keep stamps in. I also made dividers from DCVW card stack.

I printed the Months out using my computer and cut them to fit. I didn't want a really big book so I have 2 months on each divider. The last divider is for other special dates like anniversaries etc.

So I have no excuse now to miss any ones birthday! :)

Friday, 2 May 2008


This Fridays dare is AD-dicted...
Hello peeps! Lythan here. We are loving all the card creations that you have been sharing with us this week. It is good to see so many people as addicted to challenges as we are! The next Dare is all about being AD-dicted.
I want you to browse the tv and magazines for advertisments and use them as inspiration. It might be the format, the colours, the products, the slogan - whatever floats your boat. Remember you can do this anytime, any place, anywhere as long as you link it to this blog in the usual way!

Well I really struggled with this one - so many great adverts out there but putting them down as a card or layout was tough. So in the end i went with a ATC. Now it has been a couple of years since i made one of these little bits of 'art' and I'm still not sure if it works with the advert I chose.
Alice In Tokyo is one of my favourite adverts!! Love the style of layout and I just love the Blue - so thats where my 'inspiration' came from.
Now my favourite colour is Blue - maybe its because I wore a lot of girly colours when I was younger (curse of the pink pedal pushers - remember them), I don't know! And now I am such a Tomboy even now, and I'm 36 (cough cough)!! Lol.
Excuse the colour of the photos - you would think i used a blue filter!
I used Blue for the tissue paper, mulberry paper, sequins, beads, micro-beads and glitter. I also used my QK's to cut out the letters and the heart. Which I covered in glitter!