Sunday, 5 February 2012


Cold, damp, foggy day today and the kids didn't want to venture out (and neither did I). So after much deliberation (searching through a few cookery books) my eldest decided to have a go at making puff pastry from scratch which in turn will then be made into Chocolate Palmier - looking forward to tasting them when they are ready.

My youngest decided on making a bag for herself so she could keep her sweets in it! So out came my box with bits of fabric and felt and she decided on the colours she wanted to use. I got my Quikutz out as well and cut a couple of shapes out of felt for her.

The fabric was a green gingham which made it easy for her to follow in a straight line when doing the running stitch. She attached the felt shapes on first before stitching up the bag.

Then using a safety pin with the ribbon attached she threaded the ribbon through and then tied a knot on the end so the ribbon wouldn't come undone.
And here she is with the finished bag full of her sweets - she was really pleased with it. Plus I can see her wanting to make a few more of these as they are so easy to make.

The idea for the bag came from the book 'Made By Me' by Jane Bull. Its a great book for young kids wanting to get into crafting.