Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Ok not really and saying that I don't have a sore throat either. Just thought it was a good title for this post.

Haven't really been up to much this past few weeks - just plodding along with life, kids and work!  This past week its been glorious weather and low and behold its coming up to the kids half term and the Jubilee and the weather has changed once again to cloudy with a hint of rain in the air.  I'm hoping that it will change back to the warm sunny weather that we have had as I'm also on holiday next week (which I'm in desperate need of).

This morning whilst sat waiting for the washing machine to finish I got out some of my felt bits and bobs and had a little go at re-creating this little frog thing that my youngest sketched a few weeks back.  I was thinking of the post that I put on here a while back regarding a very talented lady who makes toys from the illustrations that kids do.  Don't get me wrong this is one of the easiest things I've made but I'm happy with the little critter because I think it looks like her drawing.

Goofy little critter :-)

As you can see from her drawing, which she literally doodled whilst sat at the dining room table that it was a very simple idea.  But I loved the goofy teeth and refused to throw away the doodle.

She is at school at the moment and I hope when she comes home she will love her new little friend.