Wednesday, 24 October 2007


That is a BAD BLOGGER!

When I started doing this blog I was determined to update everyday whether it was to say hi or post some crafty makings. But that has gone out of the window!

I just don't know whats going on with me at the mo - I have started making the Christmas cards my dad has asked for, but that's all I have done. (WHO HAS PINCHED MY MOJO??????? GIVE ME IT BACK - pretty please.) And I cant post any pics just in case the family who are getting the cards have a looky on here :) So YOU CANT PEEK.

Kids are off this week and up to now they are being alright. Eldest is out playing on the street and the youngest is in the front room making a mess as usual. We did try making cards on Monday and Caitlyn managed to make a few before Avie started squeezing the glue everywhere and sticking sticky fixers all over the table. So Caitlyn gave up before she really got started. I did want her to make some cards, as my LCS is running a card competition and entries have to be in by Tuesday. So maybe tomorrow we will try again.

So I am gonna get off and get some stuff done - and hopefully FINGERS CROSSED and will get making cards again.


Monday, 15 October 2007


As my hubby calls me - thats what I have been for over a week now. I just havent had the urge to make any cards at all.

I have started to get orders for crimbo cards and I really need a kick up the bum to get started on them. They are special ones that my dad wants to send to family and friends abroad and here at home. START KICKING EVERYONE I NEED IT!

Still not smoking, and I am finding it easier as the days go by. Dont get me wrong I could do with one right now but whats the point I will be letting myself down and the kids. So I am sat here eating an apple instead :)

Not much has really happened over the past week apart from Avie having her Flu injection and her HIB booster injection which didnt bother her at all (better her than me - I HATE NEEDLES). The poor thing is off school today with a tummy upset, I knew it was coming as most of her class have been ill over the past week. She just fell asleep 15 minutes ago so hopefully she will feel a bit better when she wakes up.

Hopefully might get some crafting done tonight - HOPEFULLY being the main word.

Friday, 5 October 2007



A flat sharp cutting edge

This is my first go, and I'm not happy as I cant seem to get to grips with the macro on my camera. I think some time playing about with the camera may help


Today at school was BOOK DAY where the kids got to dress up in costumes regarding books that they are reading or have read.

My little one Avie wanted to go as Snow White and I was so grateful that one of my neighbours lent me this dress for her - I did have to take it up a bit (about 2 inches) but my neighbour said that it was no problem.

Now Caitlyn was different all together. They are reading a book at school called COOL (hope I am correct) which is about doctors, nurses, patients and a dog! I did order her a Doctors outfit but because of the postal strike guess what it never arrived - so off she went this morning as a patient. I gave her a black eye (please don't phone social services) by using really dark eyeshadow and then using a yellow felt tip pen for some realistic bruising. Ripped up hubby's old apron (chef by trade) for the bandage and used my red felt tips for the blood.

Last year Caitlyn won in her year with her costume which I had made with paper mache and shaped it into a really big alien head with brains to match. I will have to dig it out - as i don't throw anything away. But somehow I dont think she will win this time as half the girls in her class turned up looking exactly the same as her.

Thursday, 4 October 2007


After I had made the Just Bex challenge (see other post) card last night, I made this as I had all my crafty things strewn across my table.
I am really enjoy making this shape card with a flap on the right hand side. I usually keep to the bog standard card shapes and don't usually change them.

Once again used:
Spots & Dots - Cuttlebug Embossing folder
Papers - Kelly Panacci Denim Daisy & Jumbo flowers
Card - Bazzill
Friend sentiment printed on my computer
Glitter added to centre of flower.


Well here is my first attempt at doing a challenge card on the just Bex Forum.

The challenge was set by Leigh and you had to use something Paisley on your card whether its patterned paper, a die cut, ribbon, Paisley embossing whatever you want.

Green and Pink Card - Bazzill

StarBursts Sugar Plum & Paisley Sugar Plum - College Press Papers

Spots & Dots Cuttlebug embossing folder

Tag - Quickutz with Daughter rub-on

I cut out a paisley shape from the Paisley Sugar Plum Paper and used 3d foam to lift it from the background

Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Thinking Of You

Heres the card that I did the other night - sorry I took so long at posting it but my cameras batteries were completely flat yesterday :(
Brown Card, Cream Card, Ribbon and Kelly Panacci Bacground paper - LCS
Flower - Polar Bear Press Cosy Quilt from CTM - Decoupaged the flower
Anna Griffin Chocolate Ink
Oval Tag - Quickutz
Cream Card embossed using Cuttlebug D'Vine Swirl

Monday, 1 October 2007


I can't believe its Monday already, and I am nearly ready to go to bed and its only 10pm.

This is really just a quickie to let you all know that I have now managed a week without the ciggies (it has been SO hard to do). Still using the patches and they are now staying on my arm, but my appetite has increased so I have been sucking on mints and eating apples.

Also I will be taking Avie to the doctors tomorrow night (Tuesday) for her Flu injection as she suffers from Asthma - I hope she will be alright. And the poor thing got a letter today from the doctors surgery to say she has to go on the 10th October for her HIB booster injection. Poor thing will feel like a pin cushion.

I managed to make a card tonight after the kids went to bed - but the lighting is rubbish at the moment so I will grab a photo tomorrow. And tomorrow is the day when my Dad gets back from Singapore - I cant believe that its been a month already.

So night night all xx