Friday, 13 March 2009


Well where has all the time gone??? Cant believe its been been so long since I've been here in blogging land.

For starters I am still working for TESCO - not bad seeing I was only supposed to be there 8 weeks - its now been 6 months. Still on a temporary contract - they just keep extending it - and this one runs out on April 5th so I will find out then whats happening. Still working lots of hours so crafting time has really taken a back seat, which I am missing so much. I have made some great friends working there and we have had a couple of nights out which has been great fun - me being the eldest which is strange when I'm going out drinking with 18 to 23 years olds.

Well in December I celebrated my 37th Birthday!!! I cant believe it! 37. Went out with the girls from work as one them was also 18 so it was a great night out. I would also like to thanks Alina for the beautiful earrings - I have worn them a few times now and people always comment on them - so thank you hun they are beautiful.

Christmas came and went and the kids had a blast. Both were spoilt rotten again! I was working over Christmas but I still had a great time. I also treated myself and bought a CRICUT - I had been putting money to the side and finally had enough to buy one! Guess what - it has been out the box once to have a play and now it is sat gathering dust as i just don't have the time to play with it.

I have managed to make, yes MAKE I hear you cry, two cards in all this time.

This one was for a friends uncle in Australia who had had a few operations and was very ill. She wanted it personalised with his name and she loved it.
And this was for her son to send to his girlfriend for Valentines.
Well going to get off as I have lots to catch up on. So happy blogging xxx