Saturday, 4 February 2012


Whats going on with the weather?? We had snow forecast for today! Don't get me wrong we got some, all of 10 minutes which included hail as well... then low and behold rain for the rest of the day. So me and the youngest have stayed in today making soup... then I had a little play.

Yesterday I went into town on the hunt for socks - yes I know SAD. But could i find any that I thought would be suitable for making things - A BIG FAT NO! I did buy a small black and pink disney pair which are quite cute but tiny (0-3 months size). Looking forward to making something with them :)

BeeHold Beelinda!!!!
Introducing the new addition to the family ha ha.

This one I found a little fiddly to make especially the little antennae. I don't have the smallest of scissors and trying to shape the little things was a tad hard but I got there in the end.

The instructions in the book called for beads to be used for the eyes and by god could i find any!!! Been crafting for quite a few years and have accumulated quite a lot of crafty stash but to my disgust NO BLACK BEADS!!! So I had to turn to my button jars and there were only a few black buttons to choose from. (Note to self - buy black beads and more black buttons of various sizes).

I'm happy with the way she has turned out... Just wish I could have found some better coloured socks to use.

I'm sorry that the photos are not the best. But trying to get good shots when the weather outside is horrible and then the light inside is rubbish - it just means yuk photos.