Monday, 3 September 2007


I made this card for my bestest friend Linda for her birthday which was on the 26th August (she was 34 - sshhh dont tell her I told you). Each page had a different saying on it that I printed off the computer and also primas, brads and ribbons. But sadly this is the only photo that I took of it and its not that good. The colours I used were so yummy - Chocolate and Pink - which happen to be her favourite colours at the mo! And I have to say she was over the moon with it.

New Home

Been having a little play about making some new home cards. The idea for them was in Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine this month - issue 44 October. I don't think they turned out too bad even though Jack could have built them better lol!
Paul my hubby thinks they are OK, but my daughters as usual, think they are brill - and thats fine with me.



Well what a difference from yesterday. It is lovely and sunny here with a nice cool breeze. I managed to get my grass cut and also done 3 washings which are drying nicely outside.

Been also having a play about with ribbons and trying to be very artistic with the camera. Black and White seems to be the in thing for me at the mo - probably way behind the times - but hey ho! Got these ribbons the other day from the market and I think they are sooooo lovely. But when I came to find a white button, not one to be found in the house apart from ones on shirts and blouses - and then I had already pinched the spare ones off them ages ago. I then found this very pale pink one, in amongst my pink buttons bag and i think you cant tell the difference (phew).

Well my eldest starts back at school tomorrow (yipppeeeee) no I dont mean it (YES I DO) 6 weeks are a long 6 weeks. It has been great having her at home but it also has been hard work. She is going into year 5 and I think she is looking forward to it. She has been a bit upset as 4 of her friends (all boys I might add) are leaving to go to different schools. So I think she is planning to keep in touch with them.