Saturday, 3 March 2012


Sorry for the absence but been busy with work, a wedding and full of a stinking cold.
Last Friday me and my partner went to a friends wedding in Darwen (congratulations Becky & Tom) and we had such a lovely time away. We stayed in a beautiful hotel called the Astley Bank which to Anthony's delight had a Jacuzzi Bath in the room - which he promptly filled with water and dived in! He was like a child with a new toy. The weekend was then just spent having 2 very lazy days not doing anything - and I mean not doing anything which was total bliss!
But back to work it was on Monday - and the start of a cold emerging! And I've had it all week now and its getting on my nerves. But on the up side I'm off work again for a week - yippee! I had a few days to take and my manager booked me next week off so it was a nice surprise. So I'm off next week, in work for a week then off again for a week - oh happy days!
Last night I sat down with the intentions off making a rag doll with my youngest and ended making it myself. I grabbed some of her old vests that were way too small for her and used the template out of the book 'Made By Me' by Jane Bull. I had tried the other week to buy some calico when I went to town but couldn't find any - so that's where her vests came in handy. So I cut out the body bits and started sewing! But for some unknown reason (ok my bad sewing) when I turned the fabric the correct way i found that the head was slightly mishapen so I ended up making the doll with hair.
Meet Annabelle
I only just took the photos of her and the lighting is pretty rubbish - but hopefully will get better shots tomorrow.