Friday, 1 February 2008


Thought I would post this card before I go to bed. I have just finished it plus another one, but i'm not happy with it. So tomorrow I may make a few changes or it goes in the bin.

So thanks for visiting - see ya all tomorrow x


Got all my stuff out tonight to have a play about and came up with these 2 cards. I dont think they are too bad as I sat for a good half hour deciding what to do.

I will put these with the other cards that my friend is going to take to work and any money raised from the sale of the cards are going to Ellies Trust. SO I HOPE THEY ALL SELL!

I havent finished yet. Might as well get some more cards made when everything is strewn across the dining table and its only 9.20 at night. Both the kids are in bed and hubby is at work - so its lovely and quiet.


Well thats what happened last night. In the end there were 6 of us who went to bingo and we had a great fun time. My best bud linda was the only winner and that was £20.00. So instead of spliting it between us we decided to put it on the Euro and the Lotto - so fingers crossed.

TODAY I havent done anything major, apart from trying to sort my craft stuff out. I have too many bags of ribbon, that I really need to find better storage for. My only problem is that I dont have a craft space of my own - the dining room table is where it all happens - that at the moment I have stash in my sideboard, under my stairs and in my bedroom (oh I dream of my own space). Most of my magazines are stored away in boxes under the stairs which means having to pull everything out just to look at them, my precious papers are stored in NEW pizza style boxes, my bits and bobs like flowers, inks, eyelets, brads etc are all stored in a draw. So when it comes to making anything it looks like a bomb site in my dining room.

So i am going to get off and finish tidying up before I get the kids. SO HAPPY CRAFTING EVERYONE - maybe have something to show you later x