Monday, 5 March 2012

PURPLE FROGS - Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit


OMG... what a beautiful morning its been! Gorgeous sunshine and blue sky. Hope this is finally the start of the good weather! Saying that, its still very cold in the shade but in the sunshine its quite warm - big smiley face! Its great to get washing hung out on the line for a change, instead of it drying in the house.


Made this little critter last night whilst watching the telly - very easy and quick to make - and low and behold the longest part was finding buttons for the eyes! I seriously need to get some buttons that I can use for eyes.

I nipped into Asda yesterday to get some shopping and seen these socks. Four pairs for £2.00 - bargain. I have bought loads of socks recently and none that were plain - bought loads of stripes, patterned but none just plain. And when I saw these ones I knew I would be able to make the frog.

The mouth was made using the heel off a white sock - which curled up when placed on the frogs face to give it a smiley face. Really loved the fact that this was so quick and easy to make.

Here are some photos of Annabelle taken in the sunshine - glad to say that they are better than the ones I took the other night. I still don't think she is finished yet - maybe a pair of shoes will make it look complete. Maybe that will give me something to do later.

Hope you all have a lovely Monday - Think I'm gona sit here and check out a few blogs that I haven't visited for ages. Bye!