Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Woooohooooo (stupid big smile on my face) my book arrived this morning from Amazon. And OMG I can't wait to make something from it. There are so many new things to make and new techniques to try I honestly can't wait.... sad I know!!!

This one I definitely will be trying!

And this one!

So on Friday I have a day off and I will be setting out to buy some small baby socks, and some colourful ones to add to the growing collection of my socks.

OK I will admit it now..... I'M ADDICTED!!!!!


Here are the pictures as promised of the key holders that my youngest made the other weekend. She was so proud of them that she took them into school to show her teacher. I only had to do a few stitches to start her off and that was it... she was away sewing to her little hearts content. The ideas came from a book that I got her at Christmas called 'Made By Me' by Jane Bull. The instructions are very easy to follow especially for an 8 year old and the photos inside are great.

She doesn't have her own front door key at the moment so I attached mine to one of them. Apart from wanting to make a doll this weekend she also wants to make more of these little key holders.

She also wanted to make a cupcake for her sister but I ended up doing most of it for her. She did the sewing on top of the 'icing' and added the button, but then struggled to do the actual cake part. So that's when I stepped in and helped. But she was happy with the end product and so was her sister.

A FEW MONTHS AGO (in a land far far away)

My partner Anthony wanted to make a Sock Monster and as I had made a few... he was feeling left out. So out came his old socks (clean ones) and he came up with this little creature. Seeing as it was his first try I don't think he did too bad. It has pride of place in our bedroom with the growing collection of sock things/creatures/pets.

This one I made for Anthony as he wanted me to make him something special. I made the heart into a mouth and added a 'i' and 'u' on either side of it. Have to say he was a little chuffed with it!!