Tuesday, 11 March 2008



Well I finally got round to starting the other card order.
I needed to get this one done first as its needed by the 21st of this month.

Now she asked for a birthday card for her brother but no other details!!!! So I hope she likes this!

I used HOTP papers and also HOTP Monograms (both of which I won in the Crafts Beautiful competition). I havent finished the inside yet but it will read HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Y O U - with the 'O' being used for the YOU - hope you know what I mean. So that it was I have to do tonight. And believe it or not - I AM HAPPY WITH THIS CARD lol!!

Edited 12/03/08
Just added this photo to show you the inside that I finished today. It has worked out really well!


Sorry for my absence but it seems life has caught up with me!

Last week at school, was Peter Pan week. It was to raise money for Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. The kids watched the movies and did treasure maps etc and on Friday the kids got to dress up as a character from the book. Well lucky for me the Pirate costume came in handy again for Avie and Caitlyn the big one wanted to dress a a Lost Boy/Girl. So it was throw on anything and add a bit of dirt and she was ready (nice and simple).

Well they both seemed to have had a great time and nearly every kid in the school dressed up as Peter Pan, Hook, Tinkerbell, Wendy etc and even the teachers joined in.
All the kids had a 'splashing' time! (sorry lol). There were 21 in the end and they had relay races, biggest splash competitions, musical statues (lot harder when its in the water) - just loads of games and it was so much fun.
I couldn't take any photos of the kids at the swimming because of the new rules and I would have had to get every parent to sign a form to state that it was OK to take the photos - so in the end I just left it.
We got Caitlyn a mobile phone as she has pestered us for ages about getting one, we also got her the PlayStation 2 High School Musical Sing Star (wish we hadn't!!!! - my ears are killing me LOL). My best mate got her some clothes and a ticket to go see High School Musical - The Musical in July at Manchester. She also got a watch from her little sister, and from her friends loads of craft stuff, clothes, picture frames, chocolates, books and she got quite a bit of money. So all in all i think she had a great 10th Birthday.
So now we have Avies birthday to look forward to on Saturday. She will be the grand old age of 5! So she is having a party on the Monday at Wacky Warehouse which is great as I really don't have to do anything! The only problem with her is she doesn't know what she wants so I am really struggling with what to get her present wise!!