Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Over on the Crafts Beautiful forum one of the member Freehartz asked if we could help her out with her cause. Here is what she is upto...

In case you did not read my cause in the section when I asked to have suggestions for a name for my kit - here is my project: I am developing an non-profit organization that will make a special creative/craft kit and a distribution system to send them free of charge to children in a home situation where their parent is ill. These kits will also have elements in them to help give coping skills to the child, as first our focus will be single-parent homes with one or more children. The children will be referred to us...and there will be no charge to the family, at all. [fund-raising!] Special kits will be designed with the help of professionals for children whose parent is facing terminal illness or has.
This project is dear to us because we went through this situation ourselves and my daughter was left alone a lot of the time to cope on her own at the tender age of 10 - 12, and then some. In fact, she still has issues over it that requires help.

So she asked if we could help her by making some baby cards for her to sell at craft fairs etc to raise money to make these kits a reality.

Now seeing as I have been making cards already (birth announcements) - I was sat last night and made some more Baby Cards as I couldnt get on the computer as hubby was glued to You-Tube!!!!

I managed to make these and hopefully will get another 6 made, then I can get them in the post to Beverly.

I apologize for the pictures (taken this morning) but natural light drains the colour from the cards when taking the piccies, so I closed my curtains and managed to get these shots (not the best).