Monday, 2 April 2012


Sorry for not blogging for a while, but I've been back at work and the tiredness bug set in.  I think hitting the big 40 in December is really having its affect on me.

The past couple of days I decided I needed a break from socks and turned my 'creative side' to picture frames.

I bought a couple of cheap frames from our local Poundland as I didn't want to spend too much money just in case they never turned out right.  I'm really chuffed with the way this one turned out, that I went and bought coasters so that I could make a gift set.

This frame was a plain cherry wood colour and was really boring so out came the Mod Podge and some scrap book papers that I've had for ages.  I covered the frame in 2 coats of MP then covered it with the paper.  I used a small nail file to file away at the edges to distress it and then edged it with a chocolate colour ink pad to give it an aged look.  I let the ink dry then gave it 2 more coats of MP.  I cut out some flowers from the paper that was left over to decorate the corners.

I think it turned out great and would make a great gift set for someone.

This next one was actually my first attempt.  The frame is made from a very pale bleached wood and using the chocolate ink pad really gave it a great aged look.  I don't know the name of the paper but I wish I had more of it - but maybe when time permits and money, I will get around to searching for some more papers like this one.