Sunday, 8 April 2012


Sorry for not posting for a few days but I've had some chill time with Anthony.  I have managed to do some crafting, but nothing too hard or taxing for my brain haha.

Had another go at using Mod Podge and came up with a covered mirror and picture frame to match.  They are for Anthony's mum as she loves the colours blue and green, and she did ask me to make something just for her.

The mirror frame was from Ikea (£1.25-bargain) and was just plain untreated pine.  I treated the frame to a couple coats of MP and placed the paper over the top.  I've had this paper for years in my paper stash and lucky I had 2 sheets of it - the mirror frame is nearly 12in x 12in so one sheet was used just for that.

I placed a few small glass bead type things that I got ages ago just to give the paper some dimension as it seemed very flat.  I'm happy with the end result and I know she will love it.

I had some paper left from the other frame that I made the other day so I made another set.  The ink I used for round the edges is darker than the last one I used as my trusty little chocolate ink pad dried up - gutted!  But I have to say I prefer this set to my first.

So thank you for visiting and I will be back soon with hopefully more crafty blogging.

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