Friday, 6 July 2012



How can it be July and we are having torrential rain!  There is something seriously wrong with the British weather at the moment.  I so hope it improves for when the kids finish school for the summer holidays, as they are going to be so bored!!!!

I can't believe we are half way into the year and looking back over June it went by so quickly.  I'm sure as I'm getting older, the days, weeks and months go by quicker.

I haven't been very creative these past few weeks, hence me not blogging for a while.  But we bought a new shiny printer last week which I was so chuffed to get (I know, how lame am I) that now at least I can start printing things.

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Handmade Soap said...

Oooh...I need a new printer for my labels...which one did you buy?